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Coming soon! Cocomelon license is going to arrive at Cerdá

25 February 2021 / per Cerdá Group

In this case, it is the turn of the friendly "Cocomelon" series, which has been on YouTube for more than two years, but millions of users discovered this funny 3D character in 2020 quarantine, and they could educate themselves from home without having to pay any subscription type.

If you want to know more about Cocomelon, Join us!


 What is Cocomelon?


It is a children's program published on YouTube by Treasure Studio, Inc, and it is one of the most viewed series on this platform given the short time it has been online. Cocomelon consists of a family made up of a mother, a father, two young children (TomTom and YoYo), Baby JJ, and his friends Cody and Nina.

All the videos aim to teach children through games, songs, and fun to pay more attention. These videos also allow the whole family to integrate and become more involved with raising their children.


What audience is targeting Cocomelon, and why is it a trend?


This series's main audience is children under five years old or in preschool because the content it offers is consistent with preschool learning but very short for older children. However, there is no exact age limit, and any child can enjoy its content.

How did its trend come about? One of the factors that influenced the most was the quarantine of 2020 and the need to entertain children at a low cost. However, their fame was on the rise since they began publishing their musicals in 2018, releasing a film in 2019, and releasing a Cocomelon product line in October 2020.


Reasons why you have to add Cocomelon to your stock


Before we start, we must mention that the most obvious reason for offering licensed Cocomelon products is its significant growth in public receptivity and many sales produced since October 2020 on digital platforms like Amazon. However, we will mention more reasons for you to be convinced:

  •   The Cocomelon channel on YouTube is among the Top 3 channels with the most subscribers in the world.
  •   There will be a massive demand for licensed products of this series in the coming months.
  •   It is an excellent option to diversify your product portfolio for clients.
  • Few businesses are aware of this trend, and you will be able to take advantage of this situation.




Coming soon at Cerdá: Cocomelon backpacks


If you liked everything we've told you about this new license,  continue reading!  

For the next season back to school we are preparing many news. Among them, the Cocomelon children's backpacks with their protagonists which will be available in march! 

In addition, we have 3D backpack models that we are sure your clients will be looking for. And, of course, an accessory for your day to day, such as a Cocomelon toilet set. Do not miss it!

At Cerdá we always look for a way to offer you, exclusively, the best licenses and news as soon as possible. Still haven't seen the news? Enter our website!


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