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How to increase your sales with licensing products

3 April 2019 / por Cerdá Group


Having licensed products featuring the favorite children’s characters can make your business’ profits grow. By applying these three simple marketing tips you can improve your sales numbers, differentiate yourself from your competitors and find new markets. Are you going to let go that opportunity? If you were wondering what to do to sell more in your store, here are the answers.

If you are not satisfied with the sales of your store or you just simply want to keep growing your business in a sure way, it is the time to add to your portfolio footwear products with illustrations from the latest cartoon and movie characters. In order to do it, you need to apply a three-step strategy. Trusting in Cerdá as your supplier of children shoes and knowing the latest trends are a guarantee of success


3 Tips to multiply your sales with licensed products

 1) Take advantage of cross sales with licensed products.

 Complementing licensed products like bags, umbrellas and hats - will help you take advantaged of cross sales. Your customer’s shopping cart will be bigger with little to no effort if you include packs or promotions in your sales actions. Just see the following example:


A man enters to your store with the only goal to buy a school bag for his 4-year old son. He starts by choosing one, but the kid sees in a corner the Spiderman bag he always dreamed of. The parent checks it and sees it is of a great quality, it has an attractive design and a fair price. He decides to buy it since it adapts to his expectations and he wants to make his son happy. Before paying, the sales employee informs him that the school bag can be purchased as an optional pack along with a Spiderman hat and Spiderman sneakers, everything for just a couple of extra Euros.

This is a win-win situation!

 ·         The store didn’t sell one product: it sold 3.

·         The parent solved a need and made his kid happy.

·         The kid lived a great experience and has gotten a product that he loves.


2) Design a visible and attractive station

 It has been demonstrated: Visual merchandising and the basic shelving norms confirm that we buy easier the things that we think are more appealing to our view. This will make your sales to increase with licensed products. How? Follow these steps:

  • The station has to be located in a high traffic zone, near to your best-selling products. These kind of items with children characters are directly related to the intangible value of kids’ preferences. You have to encourage children to find them and fall in love with them. This visibility multiplies on a 50% the rate of conversions.

  • The station has to be well-structured. When you group shoes with illustrated characters and its complements, you can highlight the main product, taking advantage of a potential cross sale.

3) Differentiate your business from your competitors thanks to children’s characters

A licensed product has an incredibly potential target market. The excitement children and teenagers have for cartoons and animated movies is a great influence in the purchase decision of their parents. The little ones spend approximately one hour in front of the TV, meaning great opportunities for your business. With licensed products, you will be able to get a triple benefit.

·         You can expand your current and traditional portfolio of products with trending and high-demand items. Cerdá is a designer and manufacturer, developing only high-quality footwear.

·         You can take advantage of the marketing actions that brands like Universal, Disney  and Warner do for their business. They will basically design marketing campaigns for you and you won’t pay a dime!

·         You are including an empowering ingredient to the purchase: Emotion. It has been proven that we buy mainly driven because of an emotional impulse, in the hope to achieve an exciting experience. For this case, the licensed products are being purchased to make a kid happy.


How to increase the sales in my store?

There are several strategies you can apply for your store in order to sell more. With licensed products you will obtain fast results in the long run, if you make the right selection about characters and trends. As an experienced wholesaler, Cerdá with its 45 years of operation, offers for your success:


·         The coolest characters with the most demand for the Spring/Summer  season are L.O.L Surprise, The Lion King, Frozen, Avengers, Disney classics like Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Dumbo, Harry Potter, Spiderman and Batman

·         For this new season, we have a mix of light and versatile fabrics. The little kids are getting so excited with their Disney bags or the sneakers.  They love to wear their canvas shoes and sandals with the illustrations of their favorite characters.


Trusting in Cerdá, we will help you grow your business!


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