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How to digitize my business: tips and tools you must use in yours

22 April 2021 / per Cerdá Group

Today, anyone can digitize their business much more effortlessly than 20 years ago, or they can create a virtual business without having a substantial capital to cover the expenses of having a physical store and the tedious manual tasks.

Still haven't digitized your business? Keep calm, find a pencil, and come with us to give you tips, tools and learn how to digitize your business.

What does it mean to digitize a business?

It is possible to confuse digitizing a business and starting an e-commerce, but they do not have the same meaning or the same objective. Digitizing a company consists in using different digital tools to improve the organization's performance, offer better customer services, and reduce hand-operated processes to a minimum to not hinder the speed of the process.

When we speak of digitizing a business, we refer to integrating new digital technologies and not to the radical change in their values ​​or way of operating. It can be a crucial step for a company used to hand-operated processes, and you can integrate technologies step by step until your organization masters them perfectly.


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The importance of having online presence

One of the keys to effectively digitizing an organization is having connectivity with the whole world in real-time, no matter where you are. When we abandon physical processes and replace them with digital techniques, we guarantee that the organization will always have an online presence, backups of all vital information, and access to better-trained personnel.

On the other hand, online presence is part of a business's digitization. If a person is looking for a service on the internet, your organization should have an excellent online presence so that the client decides to make an acquisition through your online digital platforms.

If a business decides to enter the digital world, some of the advantages that most benefit the company are:

  •   Continuous sales 24 hours a day.
  •   If online reputation improves, offline reputation will also improve.
  •   You will be able to investigate the new buying behavior of customers and do market research.
  •   Customer service will be more efficient.
  •   You will be able to use tools such as digital marketing to make successful advertising campaigns.
  •   Geolocation will not be a problem because anyone from anywhere in the world will be able to find your business.


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Tips to digitize your business

We already know the reasons to digitize your business, but how will we do it? There is no standard manual that indicates step-by-step procedures, but you can start with the most straightforward tips and save the difficult for last. The advice that we recommend for you to begin digitizing your business today are:

  •   Do a benchmarking of the competition that is already digitized, write down the tools they use, and adapt it to your business.
  •   Start building your online presence now.
  •   Collect information on the latest technological advances that may be useful for your company
  •   Make an initial diagnosis of your business, look for improvement opportunities and the tools to take advantage of the opportunities.
  •   Learn the basics of digitization and digital tools to always be prepared.
  •   Consider the option of diversifying your business and expanding into the field of e-commerce.
  •   Make a business plan that includes the new digital tools that you will use daily.
  •   There is never enough technology, and there is always room for improvement. In other words, continuous improvement will be your best friend.
  •   Not everything is about tools, but you should look for people who know how to handle them. If you want the best staff, you should consider remote work.
  •   Do not focus on quickly digitizing your business, but have an excellent digitized base.

At Cerdá we look for a way to help you manage your business so that you increase your sales and thus your profit. Grow your business!


Tips and Advice Online sales


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