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Key factors in your business communication this year 2021

8 March 2021 / per Cerdá Group


Without much preparation and warning, employees moved from offices to their homes, and remote work has become a new normal for us. COVID-19 has promoted many organizations to think about communication strategies in business and identify best practices in this year 2021. Therefore, at Cerdá, we bring you the key factors of your business communication and trends for 2021, don't miss it!


Key trends in your business communication in 2021.

Due to the situation that has caused these pandemics, people have begun to change the way they relate to each other. These are some of the trends in business communication that are here to stay.


Personal relationships

"Human face-to-face touch" in the form of a smile, presence, human warmth should partially restore the cooling of communications that led us to digitalization.


Digital Transformation

The pandemic has spurred the digital transformation already underway in almost all business sectors. Working from home has now become an ongoing opportunity for many employees.

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Live Streaming

New communication activities were promoted, facilitated by the use of video or live streaming platforms. The future of events will be a hybrid experience that attracts both physical and virtual participants and visitors.


Culture of Influencers

Growth accelerated even before the pandemic, but the cap has led to an even greater increase in social media use. It's safe to say that the influencers trend will continue and that new names will hit the scene in 2021.

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 Big ideas that grab media attention combine the virtual with the physical, engage customers and employees, and place a heavy burden on marketing budgets.


How to prepare for the new future of business communication

2020 will be remembered as the year that everything changed in how businesses operate, and many of these changes will be forever. It's time to prepare for this future. Here are some of the imperatives for effective business communication strategies:


  •   Include morale in all your communication. This requires frequent, consistent, and meaningful communication using a variety of means of communication that prevent "fatigue" of any particular system. As more people work remotely, the concept of "employee experience" will compete with concepts such as "customer experience."


  •   Collect, measure, and track remote-work data and your business performance, especially in the field of communications. Include survey data on how employees like or dislike various tools, initiatives, and policies, as well as performance metrics such as response time.

  • Develop tools, policies, and management strategies to maintain employee productivity and engagement. Communication will have to increasingly resemble social media, where learning, interaction, discovery, and productivity take place in a fluid multimedia environment.


  •   Collaborate with HR departments on hiring and communication policies and tools. Their presence is more important than ever in the post-pandemic world.


Here you can discover some technological innovations to combine with your strategy and skyrocket your productivity.


In 2020, we have seen some companies re-create communication strategies to adapt to the new work environment. With the massive shift to telecommuting, employees are suddenly faced with the need to adapt to new ways of working - from sharing home broadband with their kids to spending hours of the day on video calls.

All of this underscores the importance of the cloud and easy-to-use tools, VPNs, user-driven backup and security, and BYOD policies. In particular, many organizations saw unified communication and collaboration tools as an indispensable replacement for face-to-face meetings, business travel, business phone calls, and more.

Now that we have emerged from the first phase of the pandemic, it is clear that business communications have changed forever, and we have entered a new world of human interaction. At Cerdá, we always bring new ways to improve your business communications strategy and tip to boom your business. Keep growing with Cerdá!


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