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Why licensed products are a good bet to increase your sales in 2021

9 February 2021 / per Cerdá Group


In 2021, people are looking for quality products and only trust licensed products. So it's the best time to get the right strategy for your business growth.


What can selling licensed products bring me?

By selling licensing products, you can gain access to a whole new circle of potential customers that may have previously been blocked in terms of strategic alliances or geographic reach. You can please your potential buyers who may be stuck during the Covid-19 pandemic and don't want to go away. 

Rather than investing heavily in personnel, administrative costs, infrastructure, know-how, marketing, most brands choose to focus their efforts on what they do best and allow professionals to take responsibility for manufacturing and wholesaling their licensed products so you can distribute them to your customers.


How to sell licensed products?

You can sell licensed products by trusting professional vendors such as Cerda group, who have decades of experience selling licensing goods. 

Everyone wants to remember their childhood with their favorite characters and wants to teach it to their children too. Because licenses are not just for children and that is why we offer licenses for all tastes and ages. Marvel, Disney, Harry Potter, ACDC or  Friends  were  part of our childhood too, so we know how important they can be to our own children.

Licensed Products


How profitable is selling licensed products for me?

As a seller, you have many benefits that can add value to your business by offering licensed products. By offering licensed and original products, you will experience an increase in sales when you reach a new goal that knows exactly what they want. This audience is different in that they have a favorite character in products supported by well-known brands.

There are several strategies you can apply in your store to sell more. With licensed products, you will get quick results in the long run if you make the right choices regarding characters and trends.


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Differentiate your business from your competitors

Licensed kids products have a huge potential sales market. Brands such as Disney, Warner Bros or Universal are developing visual merchandising retail marketing campaigns for no dime. Think about stepping ahead from a competitor. Children, teenagers and adults are very fond of cartoons and heroes.  Licensed products are purchased after a fascinating experience, as sometimes emotions arise with the purchase.




It has been proven that we buy primarily because of an emotional impulse in the hope of an exhilarating experience.  And this is not only applied in children!

Things have changed and not only children look for licensed products. A new potential buyer, Kidults, are actually becoming a big public to which focus with licensing products. These buyers are looking for their childhood heroes and they have the economical independence to buy whatever they want. For example, accessories for their pets or stationery products for their daily tasks at work or university. 

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Cerdá, as a designer and manufacturer of licensed products, develops high-quality, popular, and sought-after products. 


Moving forward with licensed products

No matter if you are a small or big retailer, licensing products is always in the future. This is why it is helpful to understand the basics of what this means and why and how to obtain licensed products for your store. 

At Cerdá, we have over 40 years of experience in the field of children's licenses. Trust us with the help you need in your business. Trust in Cerda and grow your business in 2021!

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