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Omnichannel in your business: The key to continue growing

21 February 2021 / per Cerdá Group

The public's needs vary according to the situation in which they find themselves and the technological developments that exist at the time.

Before, the job of a retailer was only to sell. Still, now it must sell, satisfy the needs of its audience, and analyze its customers' behavior to provide a better experience.

Do you want to be competitive in the market and apply omnichannel? Then we recommend you take a seat and keep reading:

What is omnichannel?

In this case, the word "Omni" refers to "Everything" and "channel" refers to the channels that the store has to make sales or provide services. Considering the above, omnichannel is a marketing technique that focuses on delivering the products and services of an organization through all the available channels and that the shopping experience is the best in all these channels.

Additionally, omnichannel allows all information to be centralized so that the shopping experience is consistent in any channel, promotions are valid at any point, improve the database, optimize resources, and always directly contact the customer.


Omnichannel: you have to adapt to new consumer behavior

For this marketing technique to work, you need to know how customers' behavior has changed in terms of the way they make purchases. However, it is also necessary to research the customer's needs for the other marketing strategies and satisfy them.

Today, the world has come to a significant standstill due to COVID-19, and everyone's daily lives have radically changed. In the consumer's case, they have opted for purchases in e-commerce, stores with social networks, and delivery companies to buy food or other items.

What does this mean? All retailers have had to adapt to the current situation to not disappear and use omnichannel as their best sales strategy.

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How to apply omnichannel to your store?

Omnichannel means a change in mindset. To have an omnichannel presence, a marketing strategy must be designed in which all channels are homogeneous, without differences in the way they are managed.

The key to the success of an omnichannel marketing strategy is to move away from the multichannel model, where each medium is considered independent from the rest. The goal is to achieve a seamless and consistent shopping or brand relationship experience. ¿Cómo conseguirlo? Aquí te damos algunos consejos: 

  • A connected and related multichannel catalog is essential. Your customers have to find the catalog and your products from any channel.

  • Our stock must be synchronized through the channels. If you want your customers to have an omnichannel experience, configure your stock to know that it is synchronized in all the channels of your store.

  • It is vital to measure the behavior of customers towards our business. Without a doubt, you need to investigate your client to know in which channels is he moving? If you know where it is and what it is looking for, yo will know how to apply your omnichannel marketing strategy and achieve incredible results.

  • We will segment the audiences that interact with our company. When we have the customer identified and measured, we can begin to segment. We will gather our contacts in a database, and we will manage its partition into manageable and useful blocks.

  • Personalize the treatment and the offer towards the target audiences. Put our client at the center of the strategy. Treating a client in a personalized way is the first step, and for this we have located the audiences. The personalization is a very expensive necessity these days, but thanks to audience segmentation it's a little closer.

    At Cerdá we apply omnichannel strategies to offer the best customer experience. Don’t think twice. Apply these marketing methods in your store, we are sure you will increase your benefits!

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