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Snoopy clothing for all ages, check out what's new!

18 June 2022 / per Cerdá Group

When imagination manages to take us to unknown worlds, unforgettable stories and incredible moments, we are freer and much happier.

Snoopy, without a doubt, is the wizard of imagination. The genius who managed to transfer, through comics and later on the small screen, this marvellous experience to viewers.

Everyone, at some point in their lives, has enjoyed Snoopy's dreams. But he has also been reflected in his endearing and faithful relationship with the mythical character Carlitos and, of course, Emilio.

Whoever has a friend has a treasure. But if that relationship is also healthy, loyal and endearing, the value is incalculable.

At Cerdá, as wholesalers of clothing and accessories, we work with original licences of the most loved characters by the public. We help our customers to satisfy their customers with the best products of their favourite characters and, therefore, on this occasion, we are going to present you Snoopy clothing.

A great way to increase your sales and make your customers eager to shop at your store!

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The Peanuts franchise

Although the iconic characters of the franchise are, as mentioned above, Snoopy, Carlitos and Emilio, there are also others who have helped the franchise to remain intact in the hearts of viewers.

Some of them are:


Snoopy is one of the main characters of the Peanuts comic strip. He is Carlitos' dog and his faithful friend.

He has a 'bittersweet', endearing and, of course, dreamy personality. His fantasies take him to incredible situations and his greatest wish is to be an airline pilot in the First World War.


Emilio, or Woodstock, is another animal protagonist in the story. He is small and delicate, and very aware of it. But his unique friendship with Snoopy allows him to experience moments when he feels strong and brave.



Carlitos is the human protagonist of the comics. He is an insecure and fearful boy, but a fighter with hope always as his banner.

He is Snoopy's best friend, whom he cares for and feeds and with whom he shares many moments of his life.


Cochino is the eternal nameless boy. His real name has never been revealed, so all the characters refer to him as Cochino. He is a boy who is always dirty and, even if he tries to wash himself, the dirt always comes back to him like a magnet!

Peppermint Patty

Peppermint Patty is a practical, loyal and very straightforward girl who doesn't mince her words.


Sally is Carlitos' sister and a natural lazybones. She loves to spend hours and hours doing nothing, lying on her pouffe watching TV.

Linus van Pelt

Linus is Lucy's younger brother and always carries his mythical blanket around with him, with which he feels safe and secure. He is the good-natured one of the group and the one who always cheers up his friends, especially Carlitos.

Lucy van Pelt

Lucy is also one of the main characters. Her somewhat grumpy character means that she is always very attentive to what Carlitos and Linus are doing.


The best Snoopy clothes in the franchise!

In the Cerdá catalogue you can select the best Snoopy clothes on the market, because all our garments are made with quality materials and worked with the utmost care and attention to detail.

As clothing wholesalers we analyse and create what the public wants, and that is why we make unique and original garments with which your customers can enjoy wearing their favourite characters.

Among the essentials that you cannot miss in your stock, we recommend the following products:

Snoopy Backpacks

Snoopy backpacks are an essential item for any business that wants to increase its sales and offer its customers what they are looking for.

In Cerdá you can find different models that your customers will love and will be really practical so they can enjoy their day to day, excursions or anywhere they want to go and wear the best clothes of their favourite characters. We even have sports bags.

Offer them different models of backpacks: casual sports backpacks, leatherette backpacks to go to school or to work with a perfect outfit, comfortable and practical sports bags in which they can put all the essentials to practice their favourite sport, or the most chic and original fanny packs or leatherette bags.

Snoopy T-shirts

Snoopy T-shirts are a must have on your shelves. They are ideal to encourage cross-selling and make your customers happy. In Cerdá you can choose different models, sizes and colours with one or all the main characters of the franchise.

Snoopy pyjamas

What could be better than spending sweet dreams in Snoopy pyjamas, the king of dreams!

Don't forget to select from the different models the ones that best suit your audience. Pyjamas for children, babies, teenagers or adults. In different sizes, colours and fabrics!


Snoopy complements

Take the opportunity to include in your business different complements that will help you to increase your profits. Hairbrushes, toiletry bags, slippers, trainers, dressing gowns, dressing gowns, socks...

Sweatshirts are also a good bet for Snoopy clothing to include in your stock.

Remember that the quality of everything we offer at Cerdá is unbeatable. Because your customers deserve the best and your business deserves the best reputation.

So now you know! Snoopy's clothes never go out of fashion and more and more customers want to wear their clothes with the image of their favourite character.

Don't forget to select the essentials that we have advised you in this post and make your sales and profits increase! In this way, you will also gain customer loyalty and, of course, attract many new ones who will start coming to your store to satisfy their needs.

Count on Cerdá to achieve your business success!

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