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Your shop ready for Stitch Day

4 June 2024 / per Cerdá Group

Stitch Day is just around the corner and today we want you to find out why it could be important for your business. Do you want to join the celebration of the world's most adorable experiment?

    1. What is Stitch Day?
    2. Stitch best sellers on Amazon
    3. Top sales categories Retail
    4. Stitch, beloved all over Europe
    5. We make it easy for you to join in this celebration.
    6. Let's get to work!

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1. What is Stitch Day?

June 26th is celebrated as ‘Stitch Day’ due to a fun play on words related to the character's name and numerical designation. Stitch is a character from the Disney animated classic ‘Lilo & Stitch’, and his code name is ‘Experiment 626’. Hence the date of 26 June (6/26 in the date format used in the United States) is derived as a tribute to this character beloved by many.

stitch -P.001

Disney has adopted this date to celebrate Stitch by hosting special events, promotions and sharing Stitch-related content. This celebration has been well received by fans of all ages, making it an opportunity for companies that sell licensed Stitch products, like yours, to join in on one of the most fun days of the year. 

2. Stitch best sellers on Amazon

Join the Stitch fever, one of the most beloved characters on the internet. With his unique values and growing online popularity, Stitch has become a digital phenomenon - and no wonder! His mischievous charm and big heart have won over millions of people. 


In recent years, Stitch has gained strength on the Internet and has found a home in social networks, online shops and marketplaces such as Amazon. With a constantly growing demand, it has become a real ‘top seller’, captivating customers of all ages. Do you want to know which Cerdá Stitch products are the best sellers on Amazon?  ⬇️ See what you think about this Ranking ⬇️

TOP 1: Stitch & Angel Bubble Umbrella

Thanks to its great Thanks to its great versatility and design, this umbrella has become the best-selling Cerdá product in our Amazon store. and design, this umbrella has become the best-selling Cerdá product in our Amazon store. 

Paraguas de Burbuja de Lilo & Stitch - Estampado con Stitch y su Novia Angel - Apertura Manual - Elaborado en 100% POE con Estructura de Fibra de Vidrio - Producto Original Diseñado en España

TOP 2: Stitch Bubble Umbrellas

As you can see, Stitch umbrellas are causing a sensation on Amazon. The adult public also wants to carry products of their favourite character. 

TOP 3: Transparent Toilet Bag with Stitch Hair Accessories
Beauty items have great appeal in any business. They are low cost products and are perfect for customers looking to complete a gift.

TOP 4: Stitch Sandals for Kids
In the Top 4 best sellers in our Store, we find these Stitch sandals. With an Eva sole and 3D effect details, they have become an essential accessory for beach days. 

CERDÁ LIFE'S LITTLE MOMENTS Sandalias Infantiles de Stitch, Niñas

TOP 5: Stitch children's T-shirt
And we close this ranking with this T-shirt that is very comfortable thanks to its 100% cotton composition. 

CERDÁ LIFE'S LITTLE MOMENTS Camiseta Infantil de Stitch Niñas

Don't miss the chance to have this adorable alien in your collection!

3. Top sales categories Retail

Thanks to our SuperMoments Retail Lab, we know which Stitch product categories are the best-selling in-store, and we'll tell you in this chart!
top ventas productos stitch

Taking into account the units sold, we know that scrunchies are in first place, socks in second place, and long pyjamas in third place.

4. Stitch, beloved all over Europe

The love for Stitch is spreading all over the world, and we want to share with you the top-selling products in Europe! Did you know that the countries where Stitch is taking Stitch by storm include Spain, Portugal, Italy and France? Let's see the ranking!

TOP 1: Umbrellas 
With manual opening, fibreglass structure and high resistance, this umbrella has become the best selling Cerdá Stitch product in Europe!


TOP 2: Caps
These two caps 65% cotton and 35% polyester are in the number two position. Your customers will love them because they are very comfortable, adjustable and have an eye-catching design.

Stitch gorra

TOP 3: Backpacks
Perfect for the 3-5 years age range. With 3D character front and size 25 x 31 x 10cm. 
The leisure backpacks are available in different character designs, some with lights and some with trolley.  

stitch mochila
TOP 4: Highlighters
Stationery products also have a place in this ranking! Like this pack of 4 highlighters in red, blue, yellow and pink. 

stitch subrayadores

TOP 5: Notebook
A furry notebook? Perfect as a gift or as a self gift. This notebook will appeal to all ages. And it can be ideal for the handbag because of its size 5 or for children to let their creativity run wild while they enjoy painting on its pages. 

stitch cuaderno

5. We make it easy for you to join in this celebration.

There are no more excuses for you to celebrate Stitch Day in your shop! This June 26th, join the thousands of Experiment 626 fans and make your shop the perfect place to celebrate Stitch.

recursos stitch

Para hacerte la vida más fácil, ponemos a tu disposición una amplia variedad de material gráfico: desde imágenes y plantillas para redes sociales hasta cartelería y banners promocionales. ¡Lo que tú necesites! Todo diseñado para ayudarte a atraer a más clientes y hacer de este día una celebración inolvidable. ¡Prepárate para un Stitch Day increíble con estos recursos!


To make your life easier, we provide you with a wide range of artwork: from images and social media templates to promotional banners and posters - whatever you need! All designed to help you attract more customers and make this day an unforgettable celebration - get ready for an amazing Stitch Day with these resources!

Download graphic resources

Do you want your Stitch products to stand out in your business? Let's get to work! To make sure your business is the centre of attention during Stitch Day, we have prepared these implementations that won't go unnoticed. Strategically designed to optimise your shop, they will capture the attention of your customers.
implantaciones stitch

See Stitch implementations

In addition, together with our specially designed signage for this occasion, you will have the perfect combination. Imagine your shop windows full of life, with Stitch products that will attract the attention of young and old alike.

Don't miss this opportunity to join the Stitch Day celebration. With our products, displays and artwork, you will transform your shop into the ideal place for all fans of the 626 Experiment. Get ready for an unforgettable day!


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