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Social media marketing: trends that your store must know

19 March 2021 / por Cerdá Group

Social networks began as small internet pages that did not have much importance among the ...

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Top 10 influencers of geek product

17 March 2021 / por Cerdá Group

Influencers are critical factors in the digital age because they have a huge following and can ...

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Trends to strengthen the growth of your e-commerce

12 March 2021 / por Cerdá Group

The e-commerce industry is constantly changing, and this year is not different. Online stores can ...

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Which is the consumer of licensed products purchase behaviour?

5 March 2021 / por Cerdá Group

Consumer habits are developed in a society immersed in the process of constant transformation. Now ...

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New payment gateway at Cerdá’s web. Discover all the advantages!

23 February 2021 / por Cerdá Group

Adaptation and innovation are two concepts that we've always had in mind at Cerdá. We work every ...

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Omnichannel in your business: The key to continue growing

22 February 2021 / por Cerdá Group

The world has changed, and the ways customers want to shop at their favorite stores have changed as ...

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Disney licenses that cannot be missing in your store

17 February 2021 / por Cerdá Group

2020 was a year that paralyzed the whole world and changed the lifestyle of many, but Disney took ...

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Challenges of the retail sector in the new normality

15 January 2021 / por Cerdá Group

The retail sector as we know it, has been heavily impacted due to the Covid-19 pandemic. While ...