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Store management

Storytelling in retail marketing: join the trend!

26 May 2020 / por Cerdá Group

Storytelling is one of the tools to seduce the oldest known listeners. Its application to the world ...

Store management

#cerdásecurity: Generate a safe environment

22 May 2020 / por Cerdá Group

Security in stores, when reopening our shops, will be one of the most important aspects when it ...

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Get the most out of adversity: Licensed products vs. Crisis

19 May 2020 / por Cerdá Group

José Francisco Cerdá, Director of Marketing and Product Communications, organized a webinar to send ...

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How to use influencer marketing in your e-commerce

28 April 2020 / por Cerdá Group

Do you have your online store, and are you using traditional promotional methods?

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Tips on how to face the coronavirus crisis in your business

16 April 2020 / por Cerdá Group

A new pandemic has appeared and paralyzed the time of more than one country. Knowing the situation, ...

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The final guide to opening your own e-commerce

7 April 2020 / por Cerdá Group

The Internet is our present and, without a doubt, our future. Today everyone understands the ...

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Cerdá, pioneers launching products from the new DISNEY+ SUCCESS: THE MANDALORIAN

17 March 2020 / por Cerdá Group

The Manalorian is already considered the Disney's big success in their streaming service Disney + .

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Trends in the retail licensing sector by 2020

12 March 2020 / por Cerdá Group

It is said that in some years, the use of cash will not be necessary to make purchases, and with ...

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Top 10 most popular characters in 2020

3 March 2020 / por Cerdá Group

2020 is the year of news and premieres. Lovers of the fantasy world can enjoy, as never before, the ...

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Advantages and disadvantages of influencers in the licensing sector

20 February 2020 / por Cerdá Group

The world has changed and, with it, the way in which society consumes. The arrival of the Internet ...