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Store management

What is visual merchandising and why is it so important?

4 August 2021 / por Cerdá Group

Visual Merchandising is an important aspect of your business and its success. It’s responsible for ...

Store management

The most popular cartoon characters 2021

2 August 2021 / por Cerdá Group

It is safe to say that we are stoked about everything we will experience this year: Countless of ...

Store management

5 gift shop ideas to increase your sales

19 July 2021 / por Cerdá Group

Gift shops can target a wide segment of audience, they are trending all year-round, and they’re ...

Store management

Back to school promotion ideas for your store

13 April 2021 / por Cerdá Group

Back to school season looks a bit different this year for all of us. Students are going back to ...

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12 techniques to increase the conversion rate of your website

9 April 2021 / por Cerdá Group

Store management

Kidults: How can I reach them with licensed products?

31 March 2021 / por Cerdá Group

We often let age change how we all dress, talk, think, or have fun, but some people do not get ...

Store management

Why does selling licensed products increase the benefits of your business?

24 March 2021 / por Cerdá Group

Store managers are always looking to increase their sales and profit. We want to attract the ...

Store management

Are you looking for a trusted licensed product wholesaler? Choose Cerdá!

22 March 2021 / por Cerdá Group

We have more than 40 years of experience making licensed products for the whole family.  Among our ...

Store management

Key factors in your business communication this year 2021

9 March 2021 / por Cerdá Group

The global Covid-19 pandemic has changed everything in our lives, especially business ...

Store management

5 technological innovations that you can implement in your store

24 February 2021 / por Cerdá Group

E-commerce and retail are some of the most competitive markets. Due to the changing shopping habits ...