Store Management

Store management

How to create an ecommerce for your physical store

28 July 2020 / por Cerdá Group

The online world has become the best option to be able to access more customers, increase company ...

Store management

6 mistakes to avoid when designing your store showcase

21 July 2020 / por Cerdá Group

In today's increasingly competitive brick environment, a quality and trendy product selection and ...

Store management

How to attract customers and increase your foot store traffic

14 July 2020 / por Cerdá Group

Increasing your foot store traffic is a matter of strategy and perseverance. In this post, we want ...

Store management

How to use licensing products to increase your online sales?

25 June 2020 / por Cerdá Group

Product licensing is the most secretive thing in business. The act enables the uncountable brands ...

Store management

Prepare the stock of your business and stand up to covid 19

23 June 2020 / por Cerdá Group

It’s just a few months ago that the world of business was usually operating before Covid-19 ...

Store management

Sales techniques for your store: cross selling or up selling

18 June 2020 / por admin

Cross-selling and upselling are techniques used interchangeably, but in distinct circumstances with ...

Store management

Tips on how to make your store showcase more attractive to your customers

9 June 2020 / por Cerdá Group

The presentation of products is the primary key for sale. If you can convey your message in a ...

Store management

Storytelling in retail marketing: join the trend!

26 May 2020 / por Cerdá Group

Storytelling is one of the tools to seduce the oldest known listeners. Its application to the world ...

Store management

#cerdásecurity: Generate a safe environment

22 May 2020 / por Cerdá Group

Security in stores, when reopening our shops, will be one of the most important aspects when it ...

Store management

Get the most out of adversity: Licensed products vs. Crisis

19 May 2020 / por Cerdá Group

José Francisco Cerdá, Director of Marketing and Product Communications, organized a webinar to send ...