Store Management

Store management

Client focus: the key to understand your clients needs

22 January 2021 / por Cerdá Group

When we have been in the market for a long time we learn the importance of customer satisfaction ...

Store management

Make your business different with differentiation strategies

18 January 2021 / por Cerdá Group

The beginning of the 21st century has proven to be the perfect time to start a business, grow as a ...

Store management

Relationship marketing: how to create lasting relationships with your customers

8 January 2021 / por Cerdá Group

In increasingly competitive markets, companies now need to redouble their efforts. The customer ...

Store management

How to increase your online sales at zero cost?

4 January 2021 / por Cerdá Group

Just a few weeks ago, from the Cerdá Group, we launched a report on the "State of the retail sector ...

Store management

Distributor and web connectors: dropshipping and just in time models

22 December 2020 / por Cerdá Group

The digital world is undoubtedly a fundamental part of our daily life. As companies, and after the ...

Store management

The counter of your store: where, how and what to put in to increase your sales?

15 December 2020 / por Cerdá Group

Small details matter! Not only is it important what we sell in our stores or the price at which we ...

Store management

Ideas to decorate your store showcase for this christmas

8 December 2020 / por Cerdá Group

The months go by and, when we have realized it, we are already in the final stretch of the year. ...

Store management

Discover the TOP characters for next year

24 November 2020 / por Cerdá Group

2021 is bringing new hope, surprises, countless new TV shows, movies and toys that are going to ...

Store management

What does SEO strategy mean and how to apply it in my store business?

10 November 2020 / por Cerdá Group

Every business depends on sales for its survival, and in today's environment, increasing sales ...

Store management

Tips for maintaining an active community on social media

27 October 2020 / por Cerdá Group

For today's online brands, being active on social media is a sign that you are making an impact in ...