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Wholesale kids accessories that cannot be missing in your business

15 August 2021 / per Cerdá Group

Kids accessories cannot be missing in your business: they can have their own space in many different types of stores. If your business is targeted at children - a clothing store, comics shop, shoe store, book e-commerce, or any other type of business - you can exploit Cerdà accessories for children.

Kids' accessories are versatile even in terms of dimensions and price: this means that you can exploit them in different ways.

  • You could have an entire section in your store dedicated to them;
  • You could limit to one small merchandiser near your counter;
  • An accessory merchandiser in a section dedicated to a specific character…

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Cerdá wholesale kids accessories for children

Why is Cerdá your wholesale kids' accessories supplier? There is more than one reason.

First of all, Cerdá has over thirty-year experience in the manufacture and distribution of children merchandising. Over the years, their offer has evolved and now they’re able to guide other realities - like your business - providing them knowledge about what are the classics to exploit or the upcoming trends. This is why Cerdá is also considered as a guide for businesses and entrepreneurs.

Cerdá also provides an original license for all its products: this way, the item’s built and design quality is always guaranteed. The quality of the items you provide to your customers should always be your number one priority. It’s what makes you stand out from competitors and makes a long-lasting business.

Last but not least, Cerdá collaborates with the number one characters’ creators of the world, like Disney, Marvel, and Harry Potter. This way, Cerdá is always ready to provide your store with the merchandise of the trending characters.

Let’s take a look at the Cerdá wholesale kids accessory catalog.

Backpacks and Back to School accessories

During the years, Cerdá has developed an entire sector dedicated to backpacks and school accessories. It was mainly targeted at children, but now - with the Kidult trend growing - the catalog also includes backpacks and bags for adults and teenagers.


Cerdá school supplies are customized according to the age range of reference: children's backpacks are small, colored and have 3D elements. School backpacks are larger and with external pockets for some accessories like a small umbrella or the morning snack.

Other than backpacks, Cerdá also provides notebooks and pencil cases so that children can have anything they need for school with the symbols of their favorite superheroes or characters.

Hats and caps: the best accessories for children

Cerdá hats and caps are a great opportunity for you and your store for boosting sales. Baseball hats will never stop being a trend: children, teenagers and adults often wear them in their casual, everyday looks and outfits.

Other than children, with the Kidult lifestyle becoming more and more popular, hats and caps decorated with Disney, Marvel and other characters can be targeted at adults too.

Kids accessories for the rain

Cerdá provides kids accessories for the rain for your store. They are always a great opportunity to generate profits as children are used to having those accessories in their wardrobe. Cerdá’s catalog includes umbrellas, rain boots and ponchos that are also suitable for gift shops.

All the accessories are fun, colored and decorated with children’s favorite characters.

Beauty wholesale kids accessories (glasses, hair accessories, and the entire beauty line)

In Cerdá’s accessory selection, beauty kids' accessories and sets couldn’t be missing. The catalog includes hair accessories, beauty cases, toilet kits and the entire beauty line. These accessories are ideal for gift shops as they are always simple and cheap but fun gifts for children on any occasion. They are also a great opportunity to teach good habits to children while playing and having fun with their favorite characters.

Beauty accessories are also available in gift sets: boxes that include a set of beauty accessories all dedicated to the same character.

Gift sets can be very important to increase the sales of your business as children - and their parents - are always in search of some simple gifts to attend the numerous birthdays and school parties they are always invited to.


Other kids accessories

The Cerdá’s kids accessories catalog also includes:

  • Sunglasses: like adults, for children, it is important to wear sunglasses during summer too. Other than being a fashionable accessory, sunglasses are always important to protect children’s eyes from UV rays. Cerdá’s sunglasses are available in different sizes for different age ranges. Sunglasses for the youngest are colored, little, and can have 3D elements (they could be also in the shape of a mask, like the Iron Man helmet!), while sunglasses for older children have the proper size and are dedicated to superheroes or Disney characters.
  • Bottles: the sales of aluminum bottles are growing worldwide as people are becoming more and more aware of their plastic consumption and the global environmental emergency. Cerdá created the nicest and funniest bottles dedicated to the most famous children characters in the world
  • Keyrings: never underestimate the potential of simple accessories for your sales. These small accessories are very versatile, they are cheap and people always need them. Whatever it is the nature of your store, you can propose these accessories to your customers and let them increase your profits.
  • Pins and patches: they can help increase your sales just like keyrings. They are a niche and cheap gift for a child or a friend and they are the kind of accessories you add to your cart at the counter. No matter how cheap they are, they’ll help increase your profit.
  • Scarves: winter accessories are a great opportunity, just like summer ones. Scarves are useful and they are a welcomed gift. In this case, the Harry Potter franchise offers the best opportunities.


The characters

Cerdá’s collaborations allow the company to manufacture and distribute the kids' accessories dedicated to the most known characters in the world.

The collaboration with Disney is the most important. Thanks to it, Cerdá can exploit the popularity of characters like Mickey Mouse and Minnie, the world and franchise of Frozen, the Disney princesses and many more.

Disney has recently rediscovered the Star Wars franchise with new films and a new TV series: accessories are also dedicated to the Mandalorian and the whole Star Wars galaxy.

Cerdá can provide products from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Other than the world of cartoons and cinema, Cerdá also looks at the news in other sectors. Peppa Pig and LOL Surprise are the perfect examples. Peppa Pig is a simple cartoon series dedicated to children from 2 to 4 years old, while the LOL Surprise are dolls that are being sold in any toy or children store these days. Cerdá is always looking for new trends, so the kids' accessories are also dedicated to Peppa Pig, Paw Patrols, Baby Shark, LoL Surprise and many others.

Now that you are aware of the great opportunities that the Cerdá kids accessories catalog can offer to you and your business, you can more easily figure out how to increase your sales with the accessories for children. 

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