Disney products

Your friendly neighborhood spider-man returns with new products. Discover them!

26 March 2020 / por Cerdá Group

Since the superheroes emerged in our lives, a new world opened in our imagination.

Disney products

Meet the most anticipated products for kids for this year

19 March 2020 / por Cerdá Group

When we talk about the happiness of children, Cerdá Group has it guaranteed with the anticipated ...

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Cerdá, pioneers launching products from the new DISNEY+ SUCCESS: THE MANDALORIAN

17 March 2020 / por Cerdá Group

The Manalorian is already considered the Disney's big success in their streaming service Disney + .

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Trends in the retail licensing sector by 2020

12 March 2020 / por Cerdá Group

It is said that in some years, the use of cash will not be necessary to make purchases, and with ...

Disney products

Accessories and gift license. Find out the great variety of cerda's products

10 March 2020 / por Cerdá Group

Cerdá gives you the possibility to find unique, fun, and different details and accessories to give ...

Disney products

The heat is coming. prepare your stock with the summer 2020 collection of cerdá

5 March 2020 / por Cerdá Group

The desire to rest is felt and with them, summer. Now you can enjoy a beach, a swimming pool or a ...

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Top 10 most popular characters in 2020

3 March 2020 / por Cerdá Group

2020 is the year of news and premieres. Lovers of the fantasy world can enjoy, as never before, the ...

Disney products

Cerdá presents its best characters in its new line of stationary

27 February 2020 / por Cerdá Group

Animation brings joy and color to our lives; it gets the most innocent of us. We can grow up, but ...

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Advantages and disadvantages of influencers in the licensing sector

20 February 2020 / por Cerdá Group

The world has changed and, with it, the way in which society consumes. The arrival of the Internet ...