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Meet the most anticipated products for kids for this year

18 March 2020 / per Cerdá Group

With more than 40 years in the market, we understand that the novelties are a success, but also that the classics never go out of style. Therefore, we renew our products with ingenuity to make your store the favorite of the parents to surprise their children.

Cerdá has all the characters for you

Children grow up watching cartoons to develop their emotional and educational growth, to dream, and to have fun. Parents are the ones who know them the most and know what the perfect gift would be to leave a smile on their faces because adults never forget the best moment of their childhood when they are living the infancy of their kids. To guarantee that happiness, do you want to know about the best characters for kids? 

The most popular cartoons

Most of the characters we have are part of a person's life, but without a doubt, favorites will always be highlighted. Among those we have:

  •         For the children of the house, Baby Shark and Spiderman, because we know they are the most wanted by them. The little ones do not stop smiling and dancing to the sound of the shark song, and they do not stop imitating the movements of the friendliest character in the Marvel Universe.


  •         For young girls, Poopsie Unicorn fever and Lol Surprise continue to make them happy and wrap them in their great fantasy world. On the one hand, they have fun with glitter, and on the other, they enjoy the mystery that each capsule brings with a different doll. 



  •         Mickey and Minnie are for the general public because they are part of a whole trajectory that stole the heart of the parents and little ones.


  •       And for the Kidults, that is, those who live with a child's heart, Harry Potter and Star Wars (with the incredible phenomenom The Mandalorian) stand out, so much so that even young children start to like them a lot.


anticipated products for kids


The most anticipated products

To know what a child expects, you have to think like one. Every year that passes, adults look for simple, minimalist, and small-sized designs. However, children love colors, brightness, diversity, that is, 3D details, touch sensations, and a fun design. So, write down each product that we have on a list and set them apart because they will be the reason for your success.

  •       Backpacks: Our backpacks have glitter, sequins, pompous details, and metallic details. The little ones will be attracted to them, and their friends will also want one. Also, we have bags that look like a stuffed animal providing comfort to the kids because it is a backpack with legs, arms, and soft texture.


  •     Cases and school accessories: The only thing we care about when we are kids, is school supplies, lunch boxes, and their accessories. We have snack kits that bring the lunchbox with its Tupperware and bottle, stationery kits such as notebooks, stickers, and pens. Besides, we have holsters or plumiers that people can combine with the backpack that the child chooses.


  •         Handbags: Girls will always want to look fashion like their mom, and these bags make them feel similar. The best thing is that with their cartoons, they maintain the essence of their childhood.

anticipated products for kids

Cerdá Group want to help you in your business that’s way we offer you the best anticipated products for kids for this year. Don’t miss this opportunity!


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Products and Novelties


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