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Your friendly neighborhood spider-man returns with new products. Discover them!

25 March 2020 / per Cerdá Group

Everyday life is not the same if we do not have its image in any accessory in our home because more than an icon; they became an identity. And who could be more dear than Spiderman, the youngest superhero in the Avengers?


What does Spider-man mean for children?

This funny character is not known as your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man by chance. It is easy to identify with him because of his youth and the experiences that the adolescent guy usually has.

His great power comes great responsibility. It teaches children that no matter what, they can do anything as long as they are aware of their actions and learn from their mistakes, because something they show us through Spider-man, is that it is not perfect as any other human being. That is, it gives security to introverted children for being a character that is noted and promotes the improvement of self-esteem.

Spider-man is a character who is always willing to help, is brave, never gives up, and is excited about teamwork, so if children are shy or unmotivated, this will help them get out of their comfort zone and foster the experience of fellowship. The children love the character and dream to have his powers that imitating it has become a hobby, and the reason for their healthy growth. In the future, they will remember him as the best thing that could have happened to them in their childhood. That is why Spider-man never go out of fashion.


Spiderman's most requested products


  •   Big Head Plush Backpack: Usually, when the younger children begin the nursery, they are shy because it is one of the first places where they meet new people. Taking into account the mentioned above, parents choose Spiderman's 3D design bag, in which the character's body stands out as if it were a stuffed animal. This product is perfect for promoting confidence because with a hug to the bag the kid will feel better.

new spiderman products


  •         Trolly Backpacks: On the other hand, for more outgoing children, such as the superhero, they enjoy the metallic and colorful trolly backpacks of the young arachnid; With this model, they play that packs are protective shields or bumper cars with their friends.


  •         Case for colors and pens: Another interesting product is the Plumier. We have two designs that allude to the character. One of them has the spider you see as a logo on his superhero suit, and the other has the draw of the character. This accessory is for children who love to draw or for those who need a place to organize their colors.


  •         Travel Toilet Set: It is a small bag to administer necessary travel utensils. This set brings a towel, a bottle of shampoo, a bottle of cologne, a comb, and a plastic cup. It is great because you save space in your suitcase.

new spiderman products


  •         Lunch set: A lunchbox, a Tupperware, and a bottle for water is ideal for the child's school life. The advantage of having the image of Spider-man in the accessories is that he will make the child feel that the character accompanies him. I am sure that, as children, before having a toy of your favorite character, you talked with the objects that had the image of it as if they were your best friend.


  •         Spider-man Babi School: It is the ideal accessory for your child to be approached by new classmates with whom he can interact and develop fellowship.


Taking into account all the new Spider-man products above, we recommend you to visit the swimwear section to get prepared for the summer, we have the best designs to sell them in your store. Be always ready with Cerdá products!


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