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14 April 2019 / per Cerdá Group

 As you may know, the Cerdá group counts with the original licenses for some of the most important franchises of today, including the rights from Disney, DC Comics, Star Wars and, obviously from Marvel characters and movies too. We manufacture, ship and wholesale amazing products, so you can distribute them in your store. We have a wide variety of items for kids and adults with our favorite Marvel characters  that will certainly increase your sales and profits!

For this article we will review some of our best-selling Marvel products we have for you so you can stock your store with only the best items your customers will love.


The Avengers 

Since 1963, the group formed by the Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, the Black Widow and Steve Rogers, best known as Captain America have been protecting our planet from the many threats the humanity has suffered: terrorists, aliens, Artificial Intelligence robotic entities and space overlords like Thanos have continuously attacking the humanity but we have The Avengers here to protect us.


The many stories from this group of powerful superheroes have amazed thousands of comic lovers and fans of the movies around the world, kids and adults equally and every time a new movie is announced, we just can’t wait for the moment to grab some popcorn and rush to the movie theater.

Now, the last installment of this cinematic saga, Avengers: Endgame will arrive in April, following the war against the indestructible Thanos and his Infinity Gauntlet. We will follow Captain America and his best buddies in a journey to find some balance in the disrupted universe, a place damaged by the tyrannical hand of a purple supervillain.

The Cerdá group has some amazing products from the Avengers movie characters, featuring our backpacks, expandable backpacks, high school backpacks, fanny packs, pencil pouches, baseball caps, snapbacks, beanies, towels, ponchos, hoodies, pyjamas, sandals, sneakers, slippers and sunglasses. To take advantage of the premiere of the film, you can buy The Avengers backpacks for high school, undoubtedly a sales success that will make a difference with your competitors. With these products, children and adults will feel like saving the universe too!

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For generations, Spiderman has been present in the childhood of all of us. The adventures of Peter Parker have captivated us thanks to his intrepid actions and his classic struggles against The Green Goblin, Dr. Octopus, Venom, Electro, Lizard, and so many more. All of this while having good grades and helping Aunt May with the chores.

This year, Marvel will premier Spiderman: Far from home. This time, we will see our friendly neighbor Spiderman in some new adventures in Europe, saving the Old Continent from a new and dangerous threat.

Our Spiderman products feature bubbly head backpacks, the new Iron Spiderman Backpack, sunglasses, travel bags, fanny packs, hats, umbrellas, snapbacks, beanies, cushions, t-shirts jackets and hoodies and footwear. You can’t miss the opportunity to have in stock these products from your favorite Spidey.

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Marvel Brand 

The Cerdá Group has also available a line of Marvel branded products like pencil pouches, hats, snapbacks, beanies, hoodies, t-shirts, umbrellas and sunglasses. Remember that all of our products are being manufactured with the highest-quality materials. This way you know you are getting only the best products for your store.

Now that you know about the best Marvel related products from the Cerdá Group, it is time for you to stock your store with the latest and most exciting products for your customers. Are you ready?

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Products and Novelties Marvel products


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