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Practical and Effective Back to School Promotion Ideas

9 April 2019 / per Cerdá Group

Know how your products can be used in a school atmosphere

While this may seem a little too obvious, stick with me.  If, for example, you have something that you’re selling as a pencil case but it’s only big enough to hold, say, 2 pencils, is it really something that you can sell?  You need to make sure that you know which of your products can be marked as part of your back to school marketing campaign.

When you have your merchandise separated into a back to school products category, you can use that to start doing the appropriate back to school promos.  Keep adding to the category as you find more products, but make sure that all included products actually have a purpose.



Categorize your products by age group

A great help for really getting parents to engage with your products is to separate them into age categories.  Particularly with something like backpack  sizes and lunch bag designs.  This can often mean more sales because parents know where to look for the products they need and they’ll also be able to easily navigate your website, which always works in your favour.


Push the fashionable and licensed kids products

Guessing how trends will move can be easier said than done, but you can certainly do your part to make sure that you are pushing the licensed kids products.  From Disney characters to superheroes and back again, make sure that you’ve got these licensed products listed first in your categories to make sure that you can grab the parent’s attention when they check out what you’re offering.  They want what their kid wants, after all.


Really show the diversity of products and characters that you have

If you have a wide selection of licensed products or sizes or shapes, or even just a lot of options for products, make sure you showcase that off to everyone.  From banners to a large menu of categories, showing that you know your stuff will really help you engage an audience looking for back to school products.


Make sure you have our products primed for cross-selling

We’ve all been tempted by those “If you like this, you’ll love this!” ads when they pop up on the bottom of the sales page, so don’t be afraid to do the same thing with your own merchandise and products.  Cross-selling brings in a lot of money, particularly when a parent needs to buy, for example, a backpack and a lunch bag and a pencil case.  Why not get them all from you with a matching theme all from one page? It’s just so much easier for them and much more beneficial for you.


Back to school promos don’t have to be sneaky or boring.

They can be fun and modern and focused on selling your products.  You just need to put the right ideas to use in order to get the most benefits out of it.  Hopefully these Cerdá Group  proposals will help you make the most out of your products and hitting the right target audience.

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Products and Novelties Tips and Advice back to school


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