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New! Discover the 2023 catalogue of summer clothes and accessories

21 November 2022 / per Cerdá Group

The Summer 2023 collection is here! Anticipating trends is key in any business, that's why at Cerdá we continually update the products in our catalogues. Seasonally, by trends and preferences according to market demands but, of course, always maintaining the quality and originality of everything we offer and, of course, with the most fashionable original licenses of the moment.

It is essential that all our customers can renew the stock in their shops, whether forsummer clothes and accesories or for spring, autumn or winter. That's why we want to introduce you to all the new items in the 2023 summer catalogue, so that you can plan your orders, your sales and the profits you want to make.

Read on and prepare your business for success!

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Bags, backpacks and purses  

As a clothing wholesale distributors we cannot ignore the needs of consumers, and in summer, of course, bags, backpacks and handbags are an essential accessory for everyday life.

Summer, the sun and the good weather encourage us to go out, go to the beach, to the swimming pool, to go on excursions... and, of course, we must have the perfect accessories. They are those that provide comfort, practicality and, also, that allow you to be fashionable and complement a perfect outfit. Children are more eager than ever to look their best and show their friends the best outfits of the season. And not only children, but adults too, that's why family style is the biggest trend of the moment.

In our 2023 catalogue we bring you all kinds of different models so you can sell them in your business. From the most 'casual' ones, such as canvas bags for leisure time, ideal for going out for a walk or a hike and carrying everything we need, to the most 'chic' bags to hang, shoulder bags or backpacks.


And the must-have for the season, the big star, is the beach bag. Large, comfortable and perfect for carrying towels, changes of clothes, sun cream and everything your customers need!

Moreover, all of them in different sizes, formats and models and with the image of the favourite characters of the little ones in every home: the Canine Patrol, Frozen, Minnie and Mickey Mouse, Peppa Pig, Stitch, Harry Potter...

Another of the great novelties that, under no circumstances, you can't miss in your stock, are the mobile phone bags. They are a trend that is becoming more and more popular among young people and even adults. They are extremely comfortable and practical and allow you to protect your mobile phone properly and not leave it forgotten! And, of course, we also offer you models with essential characters such as Stitch or Superman.

And, of course, you can't forget the bags, purses and backpacks aimed at adults, in which all the designs maintain the level of quality that we offer at Cerdá, but the characters are better adapted to the target at which they are aimed. 

Make your customers find what they are looking for!


Newborn clothing collection

Babies are the joy of every home, excited parents want the best for their offspring and at Cerdá, as well as offering you the most fashionable summer clothes and accessories, we also offer you the highest quality in all the fabrics that touch the delicate skin of babies. 

100% cotton in rompers, two-piece sets, t-shirts and onesies, and with the image of mums and dads' favourite characters; Marvel, Star Wars, Minnie, La Patrulla Canina, Spiderman, Disney Princesses, Superheroes, Peppa Pig...

T-shirts and dresses for the whole family  

Another great must-have for your business next summer are the tank tops and short sleeve t-shirts for all members of the family.

All made in 100% cotton, completely suitable for any skin type and, of course, with the most fashionable characters; Batman, Harry Potter, Stars Wars, Lady Bug, The Mandalorian, Captain America, Garfield... All this in different sizes and models.

Check out our catalogue and discover everything we have to offer!


In summer you need swimwear in your stock of summer clothes and accessories. This is the time when your customers will come to your shop to buy the latest models available, fun, creative and comfortable.

Swimwear for boys and girls, in briefs and boxer shorts, one-piece or two-piece.

You can even complete your stock with swim shirts that provide more protection from the sun for the little ones.


Trendy accessories!

Summer, as we have said, is the most fun time for the whole family. Many hours are shared, many activities are done and, thanks to the warm temperature, more people go out of the house to be with family or friends.

So summer accessories are very important for perfect outfits for every occasion.

In our catalogue you can find a wide variety of different models. From clips and hairpins, all with the images of fashionable characters, to headbands, hair ties with bows, elastics, combs, brushes, costume jewellery and even toiletry bags with which you can carry all the necessary toiletries.

But that's not all! Because in the Cerdá catalogue for this summer 2023 you will find everything your customers want and need and you will be able to increase their satisfaction. Undoubtedly, as wholesale clothing distributors, we guarantee that your customers will be very happy with their purchases, you will gain the loyalty of those you already have and attract many others who will be attracted by all the stock they can find in your business.

Get your business ready for the summer and achieve your goals! Increase your sales and profits with the best products we offer at Cerdá.

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Products and Novelties Buy wholesale Newslettersen


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