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Crossbody phone bag: the trendy accessory

11 November 2022 / per Cerdá Group

The mobile phone has become a fundamental element in our daily lives. We use it for everything, at any time of the day and, increasingly, at younger and younger ages. It has become a fundamental part of our routine and leaving home without it seems impossible.

That's why, at Cerdá, we suggest that you expand the stock of your business with the best mobile phone accessories of the moment, practical, comfortable, high quality and with everyone's favourite characters. So that your customers can make their day-to-day life much easier.

Join the new trend and offer your customers everything they are looking for!

They will thank you and your business will thank you too, as your income will increase and you will be able to continue offering all the novelties that we offer you.

Nueva llamada a la acción

Forget about big bags for everyday use, the trend is now towards comfort.

Our day-to-day lives are hectic and stressful. We spend hours running up and down, with work, the house, the kids, the gym... and, on most occasions, it is a real nuisance to carry a bag with us when we only have our mobile phone and little else in it.

For this reason, a great trend is gaining ground among young people, and that is the use of the crossbody phone bag. We only have to carry our mobile phone in it, in a practical and very convenient way, as we can even pay anywhere using the same phone.

So, seeing that this great accessory is becoming more and more demanded by the public, in Cerdá we want to offer you a wide variety of models so that you can include them in your stock and, through cross-selling or directly because your customers come to buy them, you can increase your sales, your profits and the satisfaction of your customers.

Types of mobile crossbody phone bags 

Comfort and practicality are the basis of this mobile phone accessory. For this reason, at Cerdá you can find different types that will delight your customers.

The first one is the basic crossbody phone bag, which consists of a cord that hangs around the neck by means of polyester strings that are completely adjustable. So your customers can easily adjust the height at which they want to hang it.

This accessory consists of a practical small bag that closes with a zip for greater security and to avoid the possible loss of the mobile phone. In its upper part there is a carabiner that holds the bag and the rope which, as we have said, is adjustable in height.


The second model is a shoulder bag, it also has a small bag, closed with a zip, and on the back a small compartment in which you can also store your keys. The hook between the bag and the handle is smaller than the carabiner of the previous model, and its composition is 80% PVC and 20% polyester.

These two previous models are more 'elegant' and intended to be worn with different types of outfits, from more casual or sporty to more dressed up for, for example, going to the office.

El último modelo que podrás encontrar en nuestro catálogo es más básico y destinado, quizás, a momentos más cotidianos. Se trata de un bolso porta móviles  hecho en 100% poliéster que se cierra ajustando la cuerda a forma de bolsita y cuelga de una cuerda.

The last model that you can find in our catalogue is more basic and intended, perhaps, for more everyday moments. It is a crossbody phone bag  made of 100% polyester that closes by adjusting the string to the shape of a pouch and hangs from a rope.

Favourite must-have characters in crossbody phone bags

There is no doubt about it, there is no doubt about it. Everyone has a predilection for one or another of the models of crossbody phone bags  and, of course, also of characters but, without a doubt, the ones you can't miss on your shelves are the following:

Harry Potter

Harry Potter is managing to stay in one of the highest positions in the ranking of the favourites and its characters and their intense and fascinating adventures, enamour a large part of the public. That's why Harry Potter crossbody phone bags are a must-have for your business, because with them you will be able to increase your sales and attract more customers.

Minnie Mouse

If there is an essential character that never goes out of fashion, and for which everyone has a predilection, from the youngest to the oldest, that is Minnie Mouse, and as it could not be otherwise, in Cerdá we have also included many mobile phone accesories with the image of this wonderful little mouse.

Of course, you can also find other Disney classics such as Daisy Paw.



Spiderman y todos los productos con su imagen son un éxito garantizado de ventas. No importa la edad del cliente puesto que todos sienten una gran predilección por este personaje y, por eso, también podrás encontrarlo en nuestro catálogo.

Spiderman and all the products with his image are a guaranteed bestseller. No matter the age of the customer, everyone has a great fondness for this character and, for this reason, you can also find him in our catalogue.


Stitch is gaining more fame now than even when his film was released. The new generations are discovering in him a great and lovable character and, for this reason, they want to be able to enjoy all the mobile phone accessories with his image.

So now you know! It's time to update your business and get in tune with the latest trends with crossbody phone bags. But in our catalogue you can also find many other products to offer your customers that are completely necessary for everyday life, such as bags and backpacks for adults that are so practical and comfortable to go hiking, to the gym or even to the office.

Everything we offer at Cerdá is aimed at achieving maximum customer satisfaction, helping you to attract them and, of course, to build customer loyalty. Our products are of the highest quality, comfortable, practical and, in addition, they have the original licenses of all the characters we offer you.

Get going and renew your stock with the latest novelties!

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