Products and Novelties Winter

Cerdá presents its winter footwear collection. For all ages and tastes!

20 May 2020 / per Cerdá Group

 Today's topic is our collection of shoes that withstand any puddle, humidity, cold, and heat.

The best materials in all our products 

  • Polyester: This material is the protagonist when we talk about repelling moisture and providing durability.
  • PVC: Its use is versatile and as an advantage it is waterproof.
  • PU: Its most outstanding virtue is that it withstands any weather and does not crack easily. Furthermore, cleaning requires only a damp cloth.
  • TPR: Its tendency to age is very low, withstands any climate, and provides flexibility.
  • EVA: Of all the rubbers, this is the most resistant, durable, and with the best aesthetics.
  • Cotton: It is comfortable, withstands high temperatures, and it is perfect for providing heat in cold seasons.


Ready to see our designs? Here we go


Kids winter footwear 

They are the most playful and the ones who never avoid a puddle to jump inside because fun is their lifestyle. The footwear in trend for children is a combination of sports and casual, a style that is fashionable in this 2020;

Shoes with lights

All the designs have in common a reinforcement on the toe of the shoe with PU and a breathable mesh.

With elastics and velcro for greater comfort and grip, while the predominant colors are mostly three tones, for example, red, dark blue, and light blue to refer to Spiderman or Dark pink, light pink, and gray to refer to Minnie. In one of the models, the sole is made of injected PVC with two flashing LED lights in one color, and the other is in TPR, a slightly more resistant material with three flashing LED lights in one color.

shoes for kids

We also have two other models that are more striking because they have a lot of brightness, color, and light. In one of them, the sole is made of TPR material and the other of EVA. However, both have a rustic appearance, and their two-color flashing LED lights are the protagonists; the light is throughout the whole base. Also, they have a design alluding to the character with holographic material, PVC prints, or rubber details and icons.

Canvas shoes

They are the most basic and comfortable among all the models because they are padded, with breathable material and good support. They have a PVC patch of the children's favorite characters: Mickey, Peppa Pig, The Avengers, Frozen, and more. Besides, they have a combination of two colors that are allusive to the character, such as in the case of Hulk that combines gray with green.



This stage has a combination of beginning maturity, but without losing childhood. Here begins the love of fashion and unconventional style; we had it in mind, and therefore we have this top 4:


Sport-Casual Fashion

Running, dancing, and jumping have never looked so desirable until these shoes arrived; they have the best of two worlds, sporty and relaxed enjoyment thanks to the shape they have, but also fashion enjoyment thanks to the holographic look, shine, and pom pom details.

Fashion boots

We know that each taste is different, that is why we have two models, one of patent PU material with shiny applications and the other of frosted PVC material with patches and pompoms with LOL desings. 

winter footwear

Boot slippers

These are the typical boots that are used in winter to combat the cold at home. They are very comfortable on the inside because they have a sheepskin lining, and on the outside look beautiful because they have a quilted look with glitter, sequins, or full print.



During the winter, adults think about resting and being comfortable while they are at home. Here you will find the best top 2 in home slippers:

Open Slippers

The advantage of these models is that their TPR soles are non-slip. Therefore, they can be used to visit the porch of the house in any season. The base is padded and relieves heel discomfort, and finally, about the cover materials, you will find, embroidery, jerseys, and velvet.

Cerdá Group, as a footwear wholesaler, offers a full range of winter footwear to fill your stock and satisfy the needs of your client. Discover all our winter footwear catalogue!

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Products and Novelties Winter


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