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#cerdásecurity: Generate a safe environment

21 May 2020 / per Cerdá Group

In Cerdá we are fully aware of security, we want our customers' purchases to be totally safe and therefore we want to convey that our workers do their work with all guarantees. 

At Cerdá we are constantly looking for new ways of helping and supporting them so that they can implement the necessary security measures in their businesses. 

Discover #CerdáSecurity,a campaign created to explain you how Cerdá Group is managing this health crisis. In this campaign  you will also find very useful information for your business and purchases. 

For a company to function correctly in these new conditions, it is essential to take exceptional measures for its workers. At Cerdá we care about people and that is why our human resources team has worked from the very beginning to adopt security measures in advance. In this video Ismael Hernández, our HR technician tells us what measures are being taken at Cerdá to ensure the safety of our workers. 

We guarantee a totally safe process when purchasing products in Cerdá. We take the temperature of all our employees upon the arrival and departure on a daily basis. We have established a limited capacity in the common areas, always respecting the social distance and we apply continuous disinfection measures. These measures ensure safety in stores. Exceptional situations require extraordinary measures!




Security measures to keep your product safe 

In Cerdá we are aware that trust is a key factor to continue with our activities adapting them to this new situation. For this reason, we comply meticulously all the security measures during the production process so that our clients receive them with total security. 

During the production phase, our suppliers comply with all the stipulations regarding the new prevention regulations, working day by day with the appropriate equipment and maintaining distance measures.

Our team is more aware than ever and they are responsible for the correct application of these measures at all stages of this phase until the shipment of the items. 

During the preparatory phase, the logistic staff has been divided into two shifts to prevent any type of contagion. Moreover, a very important nuance is that all the maintenance and machinery collaborating companies must also comply with the preventive measures we follow in Cerdá. 



In the distribution phase, our suppliers also comply with all the preventive measures to ensure that our prevention chain is not broken and that the customer can receive his products in complete safety situation. 



Cerdá Group offers you the best information to fight this situation 


In Cerdá we knew the great importance of this situation at the beginning and therefore, before these measures were even mandatory and before starting with the alarm state, we tackled this coronavirus crisis from all possible angles, offering not only quality products and security measures, but also useful information that can help us all to alleviate this difficult situation. 

We pursued a unique objective: to protect our employees, partners, collaborators and customers. That’s why we decided to implement this security measures in advance. 

If you want to know in what this measures consists and how to implement them in your business, here you have downloadable graphic materials you need, among which you will find:

  • Tips to make your business a safe place
  • Security measures you need to implement in your business 


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Dealing correctly with coronavirus crisis is fundamental in order continue with the productive thread. Therefore, at the end of the day, the most important thing is to unify all these measures to make your business a safe place and fight COVID-19. 




In addition, given the circumstances, we must take into account that the ways to buy have changed, online shopping is now one of the safest ways to place orders, so now more than ever we must take this new trend into account, something that from Cerdá we have planned and explained long before to this crisis started. 

Our customers come first and that’swhy we have developed didactic content adapted to the peculiarities of each business. Browse our blog and do not miss any of our advice. We want to help you with the management of your business in these difficult times.


Here you will find all the updated and ordered information 

Since the information and events about this situation are constantly being updated, thanks to Cerdá Group and the #CerdáSecurity campaign, you will be able to find in this section all the information related to the coronavirus and the security of your store and customers, as well as more content related to it, such as adviceS so that you do not lose your way in this difficult situation. Subscribe to our newsletter so that you don't miss out on any of the advice and articles from our professionals, and together we'll make it happen!





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