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Chase the villains in your store with Batman products

14 February 2021 / per Cerdá Group

There is nothing better than spending the whole year wearing your favorite hero's clothes, shoes, and accessories. Additionally, all Batman products have an extensive market interested in acquiring them.


What makes Batman so special?

This superhero has more than 70 years since its launch and is still present as if his first comic or film had been released yesterday. In 1938, Batman was a superhero unlike any other because he didn't have powers like Superman, but he had the intelligence and the money to save his city. 

In other words, children, youth, and adults are a loyal audience for this famous character. 


Have you heard about our Batman products?

At Cerdá Group, we offer all the Batman products for children and adults that you can imagine. 

It is not only for summer but also perfect to use them every day and not have to wait for a specific season to use them. Children can also feel like their favorite superhero, and adults will be filled with nostalgia when they see the logo they have seen for years.

If you want to see them, let's get started!



There is nothing more striking and traditional than a sweater or T-shirt with a Batman design. That is why we bring three T-shirt designs that weigh between 120 gr and 200 gr; two are made with only 100% cotton and another with 100% polyester. In addition to their incredible dark designs, they are perfect for children ages 4 to 12, not to mention that one of these models are for all audiences because there are sizes from S to XL.

On the other hand, there is also a beautiful black sweater with the Batman logo in yellow. It is made with 240gsm brushed cotton, weighs 500 grams, and some sizes go from M to XXL. In other words, it is for everyone.



The most famous footwear in the summer is the flip flops because they offer comfort and cute designs. Our flip flops are made with 100% EVA, weigh from 200 gr to 340 gr, and they are in dark models and sizes from 28 to 44. However, you must be careful, because only three models have size 40/44 and two models from 28/35.Batman products


If you are not a lover of flip flops, clogs and beach sandals with blue and black colors are your best option. These shoes are made with 100% EVA, exclusively for children's comfort, and weigh less than 280 grams.

We bring excellent summer shoes made of PU + polyester + EVA and weigh 580 grams. Also, we have sizes from 27 to 35, being perfect for children and young people.


Do you know our Batman accessories?


Cap, hat and mask

A Batman caps can make one outfit different from another and can be used by children, youth, adults, or anyone who wants a look with a cool Batman design. Almost all caps weigh 136 grams; some are made with 100% polyester, PU or ​​65% cotton/35% polyester. We also offer flat visors and curved visors with dark designs and with the Batman logo.

Batman products (caps)


If it is winter, there are no problems because we have hats made with almost 95% acrylic that keeps the heat well and perfect for children not to catch a cold.

Are we in times of pandemic? Regrettably yes. However, you can tackle this situation in style and wear a reusable hygienic mask with a batman design.


Pin and Patch

There is space for a superhero patch or pin in every backpack or purse. You can find pins made with 80% metal and 20% paint among our accessories, patches made with 100% polyester, and excellent Batman or Joker designs.

Is that all? We are just beginning, but we invite you to discover all our products! Cerdá Group offers you a wide range of licensed products that you must consider in your store.

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Products and Novelties


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