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Disney licenses that cannot be missing in your store

16 February 2021 / per Cerdá Group

We know how important it is to predict the demand for products, and at Cerdá Group, as a wholesale Disney and other licensed products distributor, we are always one step ahead so that you find out about the licenses that cannot be missing from your store this year.


Which Disney licenses are the most important?


You must remember that this company has bought many well-known franchises, and there will be licenses that you may not have known belong to Disney. If you are ready, below we will present the licenses that we recommend you request:



Almost all children grew up watching the great Spiderman and his great exploits in his movies. As a great hero in the minds of your customers, without a doubt Spiderman has to be a license that cannot be missing in your store. Year after year, he continues to win the youngest hearts with his style and character.

Great backpacks to take to school, stationery sets or sneakers with the most typical colors of this character: red and black.


The Mandalorian

The Star Wars movie saga has been one of the largest, most famous, and most productive in history. The idea was very innovative in 1977, but it is still successful more than 50 years later, and The Mandalorian is the proof.

Since most of this series's audience are adults, our selection is much more oriented to products that they can consume because they are the market sector that has the financial power to acquire licensed items.


disney licenses for kids


We offer excellent Backpacks with incredible designs of the Mandalorian protagonist, Grogu, and epic scenes of these two. Also, we have fabulous brooches, to decorate their backpacks and have the complete The Mandalorian look. 

But although this character is more associated with the oldest of the house, we do not forget the little ones! And that's why we have backpacks for school for children with their favorite character: The child!


Marvel has been one of the most successful franchises in the world of superheroes and maybe the one that has sold the most articles related to its movies and series.

You can find different accessories with these famous superheroes like caps, swimwear, or towels that are going to be a trend this summer. Accessories with the main superheroes that are in trend. 



This 2013 movie has made a big impression because of the story between the princesses Elsa and Anna, the musicals, and the catchy songs that marked the whole year. In 2019, the second part of these princesses returned, and with them, a boom in demand for licensed products from Frozen I and Frozen II.

For the most fans of these films we offer different products such as our Kids Backpacks, Casual Backpacks but also accessories as caps, pajamas, towels and much more!


Mickey y Minnie

As the years go by, Disney classics are the best reference to make almost certain sales for the fond memories that they have brought to 5 generations since 1928 with their first productions as an entertainment company.


wholesaler disney licenses


In this case, Mickey and Minnie face this company because they were the first characters, have more than 50 productions together or separately, and they could be the first figures that children have in their environment.

These two licenses can never be missing in your store since they do not go out of style and are suitable for all audiences. From backpacks for the 3D nursery to the most original stationery sets or weekly planners for the most organized or umbrellas for the most fans!

At Cerdá Group, as a wholesale Disney distributor and licensed products wholesaler, we always try to offer the most demanded licenses to make you grow your business. Discover all the licenses of the moment in our Back to School catalog!


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Disney products Products and Novelties


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