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Stock control and other keys to manage demand

18 November 2022 / per Cerdá Group

Properly managing stock control is essential for any company in the retail sector, because, by doing it well, the numbers start to add up, objectives are met, costs are reduced and, therefore, profits increase.

Cerdá's main objective is that our clients are satisfied and can obtain the best returns for their company, optimising all their resources and implementing all the strategies proposed to achieve success. For this reason, we explain below what stock control is and other factors that will help you to manage demand correctly.

Go ahead, take note and get started!

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What is stock control?

Stock control is all those actions that are carried out to account for the products that are in stock. The objective of any company is to ensure that the user experience, in every sense, is satisfactory, so not only must the product that is sent be in perfect condition, but the customer must receive it within the agreed timeframe.

One of the main keys to achieving this is stock management, which must be based on organisation, planning, control of the goods in stock and continuous updating of incoming and outgoing goods. In addition, by doing so, the value of the inventory can be accounted for, prices can be set according to demand, overstocking or shortages can be avoided, unnecessary storage costs can be eliminated and, as a consequence, profits and earnings can be increasedstock_disney

How to achieve good warehouse management?

Warehouse management and stock control go hand in hand. Neither of them can be carried out if the other is not well organised, planned and controlled.

Technology has become a great ally of warehouses as it provides multiple advantages that facilitate the work, increase its accuracy and allow an optimisation of available resources.

The essential aspects that enable good stock control, and which are achieved thanks to the different existing technological platforms, are the following:

-        Real-time updating of incoming and outgoing products. This makes it possible to quickly and efficiently identify what trends are being set by end customers and, thus, be able to prepare stocks to meet the demands of each moment.  

-       Real and instantaneous control of the available inventory, since when the products are received or removed, the system records the remaining stock on hand.

-        Cost savings, both in terms of logistics systems, as optimised routes can be organised, and in terms of warehouse space. In addition, stock control can also be used to detect incidents.

-       Comprehensive stock planning, since the incoming and outgoing stock can be monitored instantly and trends can be identified, new orders can be placed in good time and availability can be guaranteed.

-        Package tracking. This is a very important point as, thanks to stock management, it is possible to visualise and detect at what point in the delivery process the product has been sent. This helps to increase the user experience and to increase trust with your company. This ultimately translates into loyalty and, of course, recommendation.


How to optimise stock management to the maximum?

Sales plan is key for any company, and it is possible that until now you have had an overstock in your warehouse. This can undoubtedly lead to financial losses, firstly because of the investment made and not recovered and, secondly, because of the space used in the warehouse, which also means unnecessary expenses.

By doing a good stock management you can establish which are those products that you have and that, unfortunately, have not been sold and, with this real information, you can create strategies that allow you to sell this stock and recover, at least the investment made.

Trend analysis

Analysing consumer trends in detail is another of the essential keys to being able to manage demand and keep stock up to date.

At Cerdá we offer you VIP DATA, our consultancy service, with which you can carry out the analysis of trends in a clear, visual, reliable and instantaneous way.

The benefits of working with original licensed products is that they allow you to plan the stock of your business in a much more accurate way, since they are conditioned to the events and promotions of the brands themselves.


With VIP DATA you will be able to break down the preferences of users according to their geographical area, the level of sales of the different products, the demand for new characters, and the market studies carried out by us taking into account customers with the same profile as you and users with consumption habits similar to yours.

You will also be able to organise your orders according to the release calendars of the films and series of the different characters, the degree of acceptance and expectation of the customers and the different types of products that are starting to be ordered.

And, all of this, you can use it in your social networks to attract the attention of new customers and build the loyalty of those you already have.

Carrying out a good control of your company's stock, as well as providing you with a real vision of the state of your warehouse, will help you to understand which resources bring you the most benefits. In this way you will be able to create strategies that will help you increase sales and reduce costs, even evaluating the option of business process outsourcing as an option to optimise costs.

At Cerdá, thanks to our consultancy department, we help you to achieve your objectives so that you can balance the scales and increase your profits and the effectiveness of your business. Forget about unnecessary financial losses and increase your sales.

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