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Create your own story with Lifestyle by Me collection

3 June 2020 / per Cerdá Group

Through Lifestyle By Me collection, you can customize your accessories with some exciting characters. You can make your own story by design your clothing accessories according to your taste and personality.

How to create your own story?

At Cerdá you can create your fantasy world with the help of character accessories. Pick some clothing and other accessories and look for your favorite characters. If you are a lover of characters like Mickey, Minnie, Simba, Snow White, Harry Potter, Star War, Batman, Lion King, Spider man, then these characters are waiting to craft your world. Obviously, everyone's taste is change. You can pick other adult characters too, which inspires you most.



Choose the accessory that you like the most

For story creation, step one is to think and collect the accessories you want to craft, such as clothing items, backpacks, shoes... You can play with your old boring accessories by customizing them according to new trends and fashion. Have you decided which accessories are enough to create your storyline? Great! Then visit Cerdá Group and check out which exciting pins, patches and brooches are waiting for you to create your story. Here you will see licensed products, adults fashion characters, that you will not find ubiquitously and will be the center of attention.



How to customize the accessories?

Work within theme like if you selected the Disney world character pick patches, pins and brooches which are perfect match of your story theme. If you have picked Minnie character then put patches on wherever you want such as your backpack, jeans shirt or any other type of fabric. You have endless choices with accessories as well as the characters.


Create a story in artistic way

  • If you choose the character of Mickey, wear your customized shirt and jeans with some cool patches. Wear a Mickey hair band and put your accessories into your customizable bag back now; you are ready to go for Disneyland look. Post your story on Instagram and other social media, and inspire your followers with your creativity.
  • The next idea is to create a story to customize your home and daily use accessories like backpacks. Customize your fabric by characters pins, patches and brooches. It will create an aesthetic as well as a fantasy look. Post your story and let your followers know about your story.
  • Create your story with friends; you can wear customizable "Friends shirts" Denim backpacks, sweatshirts, and post your friend's stories on social media. You can make videos while acting as a friend serial. It will definitely be fun for you and your friends.

At Cerdá Group, there are many customizable adult complements available, you can select them to create your fantasy. Discover all in our Lifestyle By Me catalogue and bring your favorite character to your real life.


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