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Best social media strategies for your store

26 May 2019 / per Cerdá Group


Don’t panic! We will help you to recognize the most useful digital channels to make yourself known, attract your potential audience and increase your sales!

The worldwide number of users of social media will reach about 2.77 billion this year. Although users use them mainly to interact with their contacts, 8 out of 10 use these platforms to follow brands, meaning digital channels are great a way to portray the values and products of a company. This is an important fact for business owners like you since now you can use these tools to advertise both your brand and your products, informing the latest novelties with the purpose to boost your sales.


What do social networks bring to your store?

If you have a children's products store or a License store for all ages, social media platforms can be very useful for your business since:

  •         They are an amazing communication channel, serving as a showcase to display your children's licensed products, the latest trends, offers, and much more!
  •       They allow you to create an online community and build customer loyalty.
  •      If you increase your online community, you will be able to attract the potential customers you want, who will eventually become loyal customers.


What are the best social networks for your business?

Before deciding which social media platform you want to work with, it is very important to identify the ones that your potential clients are currently using and in this way be able to focus the contents in an adequate way. Just then, you should create a planned strategy with a series of different actions and tactics in order to attract your customers.

We advise you to create a website that will be the window of exposure of your business or an e-commerce channel so you can sell your products. You can also create a blog with your own content, generating valuable traffic to your website. You can also promote your position in search engines to have more visibility.

The following are the social media outlets that work best for a store:



Facebook cerdá

  •         It is the most used social network around the world, and you can find in it all kinds of user profiles. In addition to reaching your customers, publications can also reach the target audience through likes and shared content in order to get new customers.
  •         Just start by creating a Fan Page for your business, with information and a profile photo identifying your store. The publications will show the latest additions in products for children, adolescents or adults, products from characters, promotions, and topics related to the sector, such as trends or related news.
  •         Add to our content pictures or videos. This aspect is very important, because having attractive visuals gets your content more appealing, encouraging the participation of your users, creating a solid community. Through your communities engagement, you will also discover what your followers like and the things they don't like, helping you improve your service and value proposition, gaining more loyalty.
  •         Post new content on your platforms two days every week. In addition to posting your own products or news, another strategy is to share publications and videos from your suppliers of licensed products, showing the characteristics of these items. This way, you are providing more information about what you offer, increasing the chances of attracting more customers.
  •         Contests are a great attraction, allowing you to advertise your products and brand, attracting new followers. Don’t forget that Facebook has a set of rules that you must follow when designing contests.
  •         In Facebook, you can also create segmented ads to your audience to achieve your goals. This strategy is very important to target potential customers.
  •         You can also share news of your business and the content of your blog, generating important traffic for your website.

2. Instagram


instagram cerdá


  •         Since more and more users are using it, we strongly recommend this social network. It is very attractive and visual and is based on communication through pictures and short videos that the user can improve through filters and effects.
  •         Like Facebook, we recommend you to always have a clear strategy in order to get good results.
  •         When you create a profile, it is important to have a photo that clearly identifies your store. If you already have a website it is very important to state its link, obtaining new visits and future customers.
  •         Instagram is a great showcase that you should take advantage of. The pictures must be of great quality, showing the latest entries and available products to the customer. These are also very important to transmit the values of your brand.
  •         Add to your posts a series of relevant hashtags, with the purpose to allow your users to find your profile. These hashtags must be written strategically and have to be related to the preferences and searches of your customers and potential audience, attracting them and inviting them to follow your profile. Be ahead of the competition!
  •         Use 'Instagram Stories' to share photos and videos that will last only 24 hours.
  •         In Instagram for Business, you can create advertising campaigns and run contests. This is a great resource for brand construction, the promotion of products and to spread brand values.
  •         Link your products for direct sales with Instagram Shopping. You will be able to label them and make users able to buy them directly from this platform without having to go to your website.

3. Youtube

Youtube Cerdá

  •         Video marketing is becoming more and more important in social media strategy. Being present on Youtube allows you to reach your current and potential customers. Videos are a great tool to portray the features and quality of the products you offer. With the videos you could show children's footwear., your stock in clothes, accessories... Everything you want!

Also, videos could be an incredible tool for show to yours customers the different products of a character and encourage cross-selling.

  •         Tutorial, product, and experiential videos are now trending.
  •         These videos should also be shared on Facebook to get more traffic more followers, the ones who will eventually become customers.

In Cerdá, we can advise you as experts in the design, manufacture, and distribution of licensed products for all ages (babies, children, adolescents and adults). They will undoubtedly be a hit on all your social media platforms. Trust us and make your business grow!

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