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Cross selling in licensed products: take note!

19 November 2019 / per Cerdá Group

Cross-selling in licensed products helps your company grow because these products have less competition in the market. Also, if a customer arrives for a bag, but you as a seller offer you some glasses that would make the perfect game, believe me, you will have earned a faithful follower of your store. You could even take advantage of the product to complement another that has not had many sales, and so, you increase them.

We will show you a bit of the cross-selling in products for kids that we recommend. We hope you like them as much as we do and that you use this strategy of selling several complementary products of our licensed products from everyone's favorite character.


Let´s go to the beach

People usually buy on impulse because they like the first product they see and forget to combine it with another, but if a cross-selling in licensed products is recommended, they will be faithful to you because you meet their expectations.

Imagine that you need a beach bag, but we recommend a combo that includes a towel, swimsuit, cap, and shoes for your child to enjoy the place and clothes of his favorite character. You will love it and think about buying it because that is your desired purchase, although you did not know it from the beginning. We have you a combo that your children will appreciate when spending a day at the beach.





Casual handbag

Cross-selling in products for kids is a good idea because you are not only selling a product to the father, but you are also fulfilling dreams come true for a child who loves the character by making them feel as close to it. 

 Lol Surprise dolls are mysterious characters found in a multi-layered sphere. This surprise factor is described by girls as one of the best things they have had, and they can not decide for just one doll. You know that little girls are fashion, and that is why we bring you these complementary products that will be the sensation.





This month will be the premiere of Frozen 2. It means that Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Olaf, and Sven are back to introduce us to a new frozen adventure. Surprise the little ones of the house with this cross-selling in products for kids dedicated to the most anticipated movie of November:




Back to school

Harry Potter is one of the longest sagas in the film world, but it is also one of the most beloved in the world that goes from generation to generation. Imagine to your children using this combo of your favorite childhood character; you will surely use the bag.

Also, we have Frozen backpacks that your girl will love. Surprise her on in the premiere with it, and include accessories that complement the bag to make her start school with the best smile.

For boys, the Avengers fever is here. We have a cross-selling in Marvel licensed products that will make your children feel super strong like Captain America with their shield.


A trip to Disneyland

If you have the plan to visit Disneyland, you can not miss Mickey and Minnie accessories to live the experience, but above all, you can not miss the headband of the characters' ears. It can be a combo for children and parents because you will never be too old to enjoy a day at Disney just like a child would:

Kids’ dreams happen in Disneyland and that it's never gonna change. Your business cannot miss Mickey and Minnie accessories to make child’s dreams come true. 

You will calm those hot summer days with our caps of Disney characters. Do not miss this huge opportunity and take advantage of our cross selling in Disney licensed products. 

It can be a combo for children and parents because they will never be too old to enjoy a dar at Disney just like a child would:


Advantages of cross selling in products for kids

We want to increase sales through the conviction that the product we offer meets customer needs. Consequently, this strategy attracts loyal clients because they recognize us as a company capable of satisfying the needs they require. Bellow, we will explain in detail the advantages that cross-selling brings:


  •         Value to the customer: When we recommend a complimentary product, we are thinking about their needs, because they may have required it and did not know it. Besides, we would be preventing the customers from making impulse purchases and would be given a discount to make them know it is a win to win.
  •         Loyalty: The clients feel dependency after satisfying their needs and may return regularly to acquire new products.
  •         Increase sales: You can start selling products that were still on the shelf when people begin to know their usefulness. Also, customers will not visit the site or website just for a single product. They trust in the company, and they will try the new
  •         Improve your brand image: If you care about your customers, they will increase your reputation.
  •         You know your niche better: The interaction will prevent the client's needs, and that they will notice it.
  •         New products: With the engagement created, you can add new products, and your customers will trust you to prove them.
  •         Interaction on the page: Offering new products causes more interaction on the page. Consequently, SEO is reinforced.

Take advantage of this opportunity to cross-sell and trust the experience and advice of Cerdá professionals!


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Products and Novelties Tips and Advice Licensing


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