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12 November 2019 / per Cerdá Group

Now that our most powerful superheroes are part of Disney, we have the children's licenses in Marvel products with the image of Thor, Iron-man, the Incredible Hulk, and Spiderman. Cerdá brings to you a new inventory dedicated to Marvel, so resistant that not even Thor's hammer could destroy it. The fever came by Avengers for this 2020!

The products below can be for you or your children. You can not miss them because they will profit to keep your things safe, return to school, to trip, or do casual rides to the beach. Among the new Backpack and marvel handbag designs we have:




Multiuse marvel handbag

If you go to the beach and need a bag to store the towel and other accessories, go to the supermarket, send the food to your children or store things that you need to have on hand, these handbags are for you, and the best of all is that they adapt to your style.

This model of Marvel handbag has a super comfortable and minimalist design of 100% cotton. Also, it has a beige tone and the marvel logo next to small icons that make reference to your favorite superheroes and villains, such as Thor, Spiderman, Thanos, Loki, and others. We assure you that people will love this bag as much as we do for its unique and simple design. Besides, the most significant advantage is that it can be used for any occasion and will never cease to be fashionable.

We know how much you love classic comic strip designs, and that is why we have them for you and the little ones of the house in our Marvel products. Now that December is approaching, it is a great option to give to someone this marvel handbag that stands out for its excellent material as a gift. It consists of 60% PVC and 40% Polyester. That is, it has a long life, does not wrinkle, does not stretch and does not shrink, you can wash it, and the quality will remain excellent. Is it not crazy?




Casual Marvel Backpack

Transparent PVC bags with Polyester details remain in trend due to their fresh and different appearance; The looks will be on this bag, and the children will be happy to have it. Believe us, "less is more" is in fashion, and people like it. This time, the details are red and straightforward, but the padded strips have the classic comic fragment design to vary a bit. Perfect to start classes!

Marvel inspires the teamwork with the images of our favorite super friends, and to show us a little bit of it, the comic design is here to stay. If you want to take a quick trip, be adventurous, cheerful, and feel under control as if you had the power, this back bag will enchant you and connect with you. Also, if it connects with you so quickly, imagine with your children, it will be a pleasant experience of joy.

It is of excellent quality, made with 100% PU. It is very comfortable to use. Even if your children stay to sleep at their friends' house very often, go out to train or play, go on a trip, or start classes, this gift will be worthy of their as is the hammer for Thor.

What are you all waiting for? Get the best product range within the best prices offered and make it all a really good strategy for your business or stores. Only with Cerdá

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Products and Novelties Marvel products


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