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22 November 2023 / per Cerdá Group

A Christmas decoration for a shop can be a good option to create a festive atmosphere and thus attract customers. In the following points we are going to give you some ideas on how to decorate a shop for Christmas: 

    1. Choose a theme
    2. Design your shop window
    3. Select the top Christmas products
    4. La esencia de la The essence of Christmas also in your team

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1. Choose a theme

The first thing you should do when decorating a shop for the Christmas season is to choose the theme, as this will give it a unique touch. So, here are some ideas for decorating your shop to make it stand out:

  • Winter Wonderland: It focuses on white, silver and blue colours to create a snowy landscape and a very Christmassy atmosphere. You can add decorations such as snowflakes, reindeer and snow-covered trees, among other elements.
  • A traditional Christmas: In this style, you go for classic colours such as red, green and gold. With traditional decorations such as mistletoe, bells and candles, you can create a cosy and warm atmosphere.



  • Classic movie Christmas: You can base your decorations on classic Christmas movies such as "The Grinch", "Home Alone" or "It's a Wonderful Life", so you can include elements in your decorations that have to do with them.
  • Rustic Christmas: You can base your decorations on classic Christmas movies such as "The Grinch", "Home Alone" or "How Beautiful It Is to Live". This way, you can include elements in the decoration that are related to them.

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2. Design your shop window

La decoración creativa de los escaparates de tu tienda puede ser una muy buena forma de captar la atención de tus clientes.

Poner un gran árbol, llenar el suelo de nieve o decorar el espacio con regalos nunca falla. Todo depende mucho del tipo de temática que hayas elegido para tu tienda. Pero lo que no puede faltar es la iluminación navideña, como luces de colores que parpadeen ligeramente o cambien de color.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the decoration should not stand out from your products. It has to be the perfect complement to help them stand out. So you should select products that attract attention and are attractive to your public. At Cerdá, we are aware of this and that is why we have designed items that will be the clear protagonists of your business.

jersey punto joda
calcetines pesadilla
jersey punto minneie
jersey punto harry potter

Do you want to give your shop window an added value? Remember that the key is to tell a story and create a visual experience to win the hearts of your customers.

3. Select the top Christmas products

As we have already told you, your products should never be overshadowed by the Christmas decoration, but should coexist so that the customer notices both your business and your products.

One of the best options for this not to happen is to work with licences, as they offer us the possibility of having products that can decorate a shop on their own.

Putting some "Nightmare Before Christmas" pyjamas or socks near the entrance or in the window, "Harry Potter" scarves on a shelf, Mickey Mouse with a Santa Claus hat, can create a nice festive atmosphere and will make your shop look nice and decorated for the Christmas season. What are you waiting for to try it?

4. The essence of Christmas also in your team

Don't just focus on your business products or decoration. Your team is also the one who gives personality to your business. So during the festive season, it would be a great option for them to feel the magic of Christmas too.

Dressing your staff in a Father Christmas beanie or a bright T-shirt or jumper with Christmas touches that your customers can buy in your shop will give your shop a much more festive feel and create a more fun environment that will attract much more attention from your customers.

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Christmas is one of the most important and celebrated festivities in the world. That's why it's essential that you prepare everything for its arrival. This is the perfect time to create memories, so make sure your shop decorations, your products and your equipment are unforgettable - it's here, it's here, sweet Christmas!

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