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Make your business different with differentiation strategies

17 January 2021 / per Cerdá Group

 However, many small businesses and stores go bankrupt because they do not know the importance of marketing, staying competitive, entering the market, and how to differentiate their brand correctly.

Are you planning to open a store and start your own business? We congratulate you for taking the first step, and then we will explain a little about the differentiation strategies for your brand and why you should use that.


What does it mean to differentiate yourself from your competition 


Could you differentiate the Apple and Samsung brands? Most likely, yes, and you would have no problem differentiating their products as well, but how is this possible? Each brand has tried to be very different from the others because they don't want to be one of the many and generate a feeling of belonging.

In short, it is about standing out above all the other competition, that no customer confuses your brand with another and your products benefit from this. An example: it is not the same to sell a brown flannel and a brown flannel made by a famous designer. The products on the market may always appear similar, but differentiation and price almost always determine sales.


How to implement differentiation strategies in your store


There is no single differentiation strategy for your store, but there are hundreds, and you will have to choose a few depending on your organization's objectives.

Usually, when you want to apply these kinds of strategies, they are always related to the organization's mission and vision, organizational objectives, monthly goals, and other factors influencing the store and the clients.

If you have or want to start your own business, but you still do not stand out in the market as you would like, do not despair and pay close attention to the following sections. 


4 differentiation strategies you can use to make your business stand out from the competition


A store is composed of hundreds of factors, but the most important ones are the products, customer service, brand, and prices since the customer is in contact with these most of the time. Taking this into account, the strategies we have chosen so that your business stands out above the competition will be based on these points:

  •   Price: What a person likes the most are quality products, but much more if they are affordable and maintain a positive quality-price ratio. One of the best ways to have lower prices is to cut costs of selling, play around with maintenance parameters, and still cut a dollar below the competition. Finally, the audience will know your store for selling products with incredible prices and promotions.


  •   Product: In this strategy, the word "quality" comes into play, which we can define as the characteristics of a product that meet the requirements and exceed customer expectations. In short, sell excellent quality products and make yourself known for always having the best stock in the place.


  •   Customer support: Many customers complain about stores that are only interested in making money and do not care about their buyers' well-being and satisfaction. That is why a store can be the best option for anyone if it is committed to meeting the customer's needs and always serving them every day.


  •   Brand: A brand's identity is essential for those who integrate it, but it is much more crucial to generate sales. Many people are not buying a product, but they are buying a brand, which makes them feel a certain prestige. Although this factor is the most difficult to differentiate and be accepted by the public, it is the one that brings the most benefits.

So, are you searching for opening a new business or changing the marketing strategy of your store? Do not hesitate to implant these tips and make your business grow. At Cerdá we want to help you. 


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