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Summer shoes for kids. Discover the trends of 2021!

19 January 2021 / per Cerdá Group

This year we hope things are different and that is why in Cerdá we want to show you the best 2021 trends in summer shoes for kids with the best characters, the best materials, and the most innovative designs on the market.

Home, pool, or beach, no matter where it is, children always need shoes to be safe and take care of their feet. In this case, the footwear that we will recommend is specifically for summer because it is synonymous with beach, sun, heat, and fun. 


Cerdá, your trusted footwear manufacturer


At Cerdá, we care about children's footwear, offering quality and aesthetically charming products for all ages. That is why we will provide you with the best products for your clients. 


Standard and Premium Flip Flops

Usually, the pool's edge or the sand on the beach could be very hot in summer. In our new catalog we offer dozens of Flip Flops with the most famous animated characters of the moment, standard designs, pool, beach, and premium designs with special supports.



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Aqua shoes, Clogs and Sandals

Many parents like easy things that save them time and money. Sandals and clogs are the perfect footwear for children to wear before and after going to the pool or beach. On the other hand, Aqua Shoes are ideal so that children do not slip in the pool or step on some sharp rock on the beach.

As in the rest of the footwear, all our products have particular designs that could be perfectly combined with the children's clothing.


Which characters will be on trend in summer shoes for kids


At Cerdá, we always search to have the most famous characters of the moment, classics, and some designs that children might like. 


Super Heroes

In 2019, the last movie of the Avengers and Spiderman were released. In consequence, all items with the avengers and spiderman characters had a massive demand until the present. 

On the other hand, Batman will be released in 2021, the trailer has been promising, and you better be prepared. Because this character will surely hit stores during 2021.

Harry Potter

This character does not need presentations or introductions because he has had films with a fantastic income. Harry Potter fans called "Potterhead" have taken it upon themselves to transmit that love they feel for the character to their children, buying products from his new and old movies.

Do not hesitate and fill the stock of your store with our new flip flops designs with the most iconic colors of the famous characters.


Disney Classics

Disney is one of the world's most extensive entertainment companies, and they have the most famous children's movies on the market. They are characters that do not go out of style and that, without a doubt, cannot be missing in your store this summer.


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Cars, Frozen, Mickey and Minnie Mouse  are some of the Disney characters that are in trend every year. 

We also have many more characters that do not belong to Disney but are a trend in the market., such as Peppa Pig, or LOL dolls. Cerdá has a well-prepared stock to meet any demand or trend.


These are just some of the ideas we propose for you to renew your store's stock for next summer. If you want to find out more, Cerdá is an official distributor of children's footwear and has an extensive catalog of models and license characters. Check our website! 


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summer Products and Novelties


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