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7 May 2019 / per Cerdá Group


When you are in the process of opening a gift shop, there are a number of preliminary essential steps before starting, like writing a complete Business Plan, designing an effective Marketing Plan or doing legal proceedings. When buying the products you are going to sell, it is very important to obtain suppliers you can trust, who will advise you commercially and provide you with quality products.

In a gift shop, a stationery store or q textile business it is essential to offer your customers licensed articles of characters since they are greatly searched by children. At Cerdá Group, we have been working in the licensed products sector for more than 30 years. One of our main goals is to make children happy through our collections, products rich in terms of design and quality. We are wholesalers and distributors of licensed children's characters and we work for our customers to achieve profitability in their businesses.


1. Personalized service from our sales team

At Cerdá we have a team of commercial advisors working on a national and international level. These professionals have contributed to the development of small and large businesses and will be with you for everything you need. They will put their experience and knowledge at your disposal to help you and give some ideas that you can apply to your work strategy, with the aim of making you sell more and be more profitable, regardless of the size or structure of your business.


2. You will offer an original design

Our advisors will recommend the most wanted items that will attract parents and their children to your store so you can start having more sales, building your own brand and customer loyalty.

In Cerdá, we created licensed collections with the most popular children's characters, aiming to excite the youngest. We do a thorough work looking for the concept behind each license and from there, we create a complete collection of products.


3. You will have information about trends and star products.

Every year, we make complete market research, we edit reports and design guides aimed at both new players and consolidated businesses in this sector. Since we know information is power, these tools will help our partners to determine their own operational strategies. We will keep you informed about the top characters that children will love, and the trends from the latest movie premieres, so you can be updated in order to acquire the products your target audience will be looking for.

Cerdá is a sure bet to have the novelties and licensed collections that will trend every season. We know how to anticipate these trends, thanks to 40 years of market experience and constant and rigorous work based on:

  •    The analysis of the potential for the success of our brands
  •    The study fashion trends, materials, textures, preferences, etc.
  • We diversify the risk by acquiring a large number of licenses and many categories of your products.


4. You will be advised on the launch of each campaign.

We won't leave you alone! Our advisors will help you launch planned campaigns, so you get your customers to respond fast, you get to sell, and your business gets as profitable as possible.

The communication between you and Cerdá Group is very important, so you will always have enough valuable information through the communication tools we develop each season and with all of our digital platforms.


5. We will guide you to acquire the necessary Stock.

You don't know how many products you will need to have in your store and in the warehouse? It may be the case that this gift shop is your first business, so maybe, and you don't know very well how many products you should plan to give a good service to your customers. Don't worry! Our commercial advisors will guide you, so you will always know what is the best stock you need on gifts, stationery products or textiles necessary to sell, and how much you will need at each time of year. We refer to campaigns such as back to school, winter, Christmas or summer .

Products Cerdá

In addition, with us, you won’t have problems to acquire licensed products, since we have an important stock in the warehouse for the pre-campaign. You can always repeat the order of the products in case you need it so you will have them as soon as possible in the point of sale. We will offer you fast service, guaranteeing a lot of reliability. In order to make things easier for you, our Cerdá website has everything you need to manage your orders. We know how valuable your time is, and the need you have to dedicate it to sell to make your business profitable.


At Cerdá Group , we have been in the licensing sector for 30 years, and we are aware of the power of attraction of children's characters. We have at your disposition our experience and our work to help you increase the profitability of your gift shop. Contact us!

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