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Tips for using instagram for your business

12 May 2019 / per Cerdá Group

In recent years, Social Media Platforms have revolutionized the way brands address their customers. More and more people are looking for the latest fashion trends and, in many cases, even make their purchases through these channels.

Considering these facts, Social Media have become the perfect showcase to boost your business. Of all these platforms, Instagram is undoubtedly the most visual network for displaying your store's products, take note and discover how to attract more customers to your store with Social Media!


How to use Instagram to sell more

According to the latest sector studies, 83% of Instagram users visit brand websites after their friends tag their products in the published ones. In other words, the level of the influence acquired in this social network can make even the smallest businesses grow. However, if you want to know how to use Instagram to sell more, pay attention to the types of content you can use and the engagement strategies we propose.

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Types of content in Instagram

  • Stories: Instagram Stories combine two of the most cutting-edge trends in social media: dynamism and immediacy. Through this functionality, users can share live videos, images, micro-videos, and even texts. Why are they so great then? These are only kept on the social network for 24 hours.
  • Images: Instagram is the social network for lovers of photography par excellence. Therefore, it is essential that you use high-quality pictures to transmit this sense to your future customers. In order to do this, Instagram proposes you to upload the images both in landscape and square format. Recently we have included the possibility of creating carousels of images, a perfect option to include the novelties of your store.
  • Videos: Although it was not the main focus of this platform, videos have become for many the perfect choice to display a brand. This social network allows you to upload on the timeline of your profile micro-videos of between 3 and 60 seconds. In order to transmit the message of your store to the perfection, the resolution of the image must be 640x640, having a sharp image.


Instagram strategies to generate engagement and increase your sales

  • Contests: Contests are the best option to generate engagement in any of social media platform of your business. If you choose an attractive prize the content will easily become viral and followers will start to increase in your account. However, you should keep in mind that you will have to offer a product that is closely related to your store: a pair of sneakers with lights or a pack of backpack and t-shirt of children's characters. Attracting followers through a prize that differs from your store's products will make them have no real interest in what you sell and will damage the organic reach of your publications.

  • Promotions and offers: Another way to attract new customers and increase your sales through social media is to publish information about active promotions and offers in your store. Inform your customers that you are making an exclusive discount on your business, so they see your products and come to buy them. If you have an online store, you can also advertise the selected products and include the link to your website in your biography.

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  • Instagram Ads: If you want to make yourself known in your neighborhood and quickly increase the number of followers, Instagram ads are the solution. Instagram Ads allows you to create different types of ads, both to make yourself known and for your customers to buy your products. Ads can be made through stories, photo-video publications or sequences in the user's profile. In addition, Instagram Ads tools allow you to segment your audience and show your posts only to the interested people. Bet on advertising on your social networks!
  • Hashtags: Although hashtags have been used in social media for a long time now, with Twitter being the precursor and master of this trend, Instagram has included this useful so you can make the most of from your business. For some time now, this social media platform has included the possibility not only to follow user profiles but also to follow-ups. In this way, users can see publications tagged #childrentrends or #licensedproducts. Look for the best tag and include it in your publications!
  • Instagram Shopping: This tool allows you to synchronize your shop's products with your Instagram account and tag them in your social network images. Now, users will be able to access your product web page directly from your photos. Ready to increase your sales?


Find many more tips like these in the blog of Cerdá!

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