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8 essential back to school wholesale clothing

23 April 2019 / per Cerdá Group

Anticipation is one of the keys in the management of your business. Having enough stock to cover the needs of your clients with enough time can be a complex thing. For that reason, Cerdá wants you to be prepared for next season with only the best back to school items. Discover what are the key products for your gift shop.


Bags and trolleys 

School bags are the most searched product for parents every school season. After a long school year, the deterioration of this item can be serious, and a change is always needed to start a new season. Trusting on uniqueness and quality products is key when selling school bags.

As a distributor, Cerdá looks to find some innovation in every and each of our products. For that reason, our bags and trolleys are featured in reversible models, and some others include lights or sounds. These are perfect accessories for children when they have extracurricular activities or field trips. You must have them in your store!


Children Footwear 

Without doubt, success with children footwear is all about having a star product on the back the school season. Every year, parents fit their children with new sneakers for school and they prefer the ones with their favorite characters, the ones they see on the movies or tv shows. In Cerdá, we have a wide catalog of kids’ footwear with hundreds of models of sneakers, sports shoes and even boots with lights, so school becomes a great adventure.


Pencil pouches and cases 

Pencil pouches are the perfect complement to create activities,  along with backpacks, of cross selling with your clients during the back to school season. What parent could resist to have matching backpacks and pencil pouches from their kids’ favorite characters.

In Cerdá, we have pencil pouches of different sizes and pockets so kids can store each and every school item. We also have pencil cases of up to three compartments with color pencils, rulers, rubbers, pencil sharpeners and mechanical pencils, everything you need in a simple format with their favorite characters.



Kids love and enjoy walking under the rain. This is a great product if you want to do some cross selling along with sneakers and children’s bags with characters. It is also a high selling article. If you to want to make a gift for your kid, this is the best you can do and they will enjoy a rainy day with their favorite characters.

Amongst some of the new additions we have the Avengers pop-up model, some designs of Mickey and Minnie and the automated from Frozen, Star Wars or Cars 3 


Lunch bags 

This is a classic accessory for the back to school season that keeps working over the course of time. Lunch bags are designed to keep all the properties from the food that compose the lunch and snacks from your kids. For that reason, they are made with thermic and resistant materials that ensure the conservation for on a daily basis.

In Cerdá, we are going a step further by including their favorite characters on them so kids will want to take these accessories with them anywhere. This way, we have thermic lunch bags of Lady Bug, Frozen  and even from the Avengers. Discover all our models!


Clothing from our licensed characters 

With the Cerdá sweatshirts, your success is ensured! They are a star apparel product for the back to school season. You can buy different types of models with or without a hoodie.

Mickey and Minnie sweatshirts, some classic characters will never be outdated. Every year they are a synonym of popularity in amongst children. Frozen sweatshirts are loved by small girls, along with other products featuring princess Elsa and her sister Ana.

For the more restless, you can have Spiderman sweatshirts, one of the favorite heroes for children and teenagers and Star Wars Sweatshirts, a famous saga with millions of followers that you can’t afford missing when you start your campaign.


Toilet and Cosmetic Bags

Other product that you need in your store, not only for the school season but for all year are toilet bags. This hygiene accessory is fundamental for the day to day of kids for gym class, excursions or field trips.

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Hygiene sets from Cerdá include everything children need to keep them clean outside from home. Towel, combs, toothbrush, a cup and even transparent vessels to keep fragrances and other liquids. Also, you can find toilet bags with your favorite characters so they can include their own accessories.



Protecting your children from the cold is one of the biggest concerns from parents. For that purpose, hats are one of the accessories that can’t be missed in your store. In Cerdá, we manufacture and distribute hats on the bulk, following the latest trend statements.

This way, you can have for your gift shop flat snapbacks with the most innovative designs that adapt for everyone. There are even some that glow in the dark and with stickers included.

In Cerdá, we are distributors and manufacturers of kids products. Discover them and prepare the back to school season for your store!

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Products and Novelties back to school Buy wholesale


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