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Essential products for pets. what do puppies need?

21 October 2020 / per Cerdá Group

Studies show that many families prefer to adopt a pet than have a child. And it the lack of family conciliation and the economy of each house facilitate the first option more.

Therefore, for many, pets are the ideal option to receive and offer unconditional love and they do not hesitate to acquire all those essential products for pets that are offered in the market.

At Cerdá we are great lovers and defenders of nature and animals. Furthermore, as passionate about our work, we always seek and offer the best to our clients. Therefore, in this article, we are going to talk to you about what are those products that cannot be missing in your home if you have a pet. So go ahead and read on!


What care does a dog need?


The favorite pets for a large percentage of the population are cats and dogs. And, both of them, they need a series of specific cares that guarantee their well-being and happiness.

Cats are more independent and perhaps they don't need as much attention. Food, water, games, cuddling and affection, and every now and then a visit to your vet. Dogs, for their part, require much more care. Since they go out into the street, they interact with other animals and require much more attention from their owners.

In addition to food, water and veterinary care, they need long walks, grooming care, games, pampering, hours of cuddling and cuddling words, and a much closer relationship with their humans. Both for some and others, the owners pay attention and do not hesitate to acquire everything they need, including the fun products for pets that they find in their reference stores.


We don't let them get cold

We know the close relationship that exists between a dog and its owner and therefore, we are aware that certain products are the most demanded by these #doglovers. Clothes for dogs are a trend and its demand is increasing more and more.

Because no one wants their pet to be cold in the long winter months, it is essential to offer quality products and with which they manage to pamper their pets. Sweaters, scarves or raincoats, these are some of the most sought after garments and that will make your sales increase, it will be a success.


What if we choose a matching outfit?

Dog fashion is not simply dressing your pet for comfort or functional reasons. It is important to have the great emotional part that affects pet owners when buying these accessories and therefore, it is important to know what exactly they are looking for.

In addition to the basic needs, dog lovers seek to feel more attached to their dogs if possible and therefore, a great business opportunity is to create t-shirts or jerseys that can be bought by the owner and pet. More united than ever!


What products are essential for all pets?


Feeder and drinker for your pet

Both are essential for the care of our pets. They must be practical, useful and very easy to clean. In addition, they need to be durable and resistant to impacts and bites. Before buying them, we must take into account the amount of food and water that our pets ingest throughout the day so that the containers can contain what they need inside.

They can be double, non-slip, of different materials, textures and sizes.


Beds for dogs and cats

Other essential products are beds for dogs or cats. They must be appropriate to their size and you have to place them exactly where they like to sleep the most.

The variety available on the market is immense. With different shapes, colors, fabrics, textures, sizes…

Cerdá knows the great business opportunity this product has and that’s why we are now prepared for this new hit. Do not miss it and contact us!

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Products and Novelties for fan pets


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