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Ideas to be successful with geek products

27 May 2021 / per Cerdá Group

It may seem easy to get into the Geek industry, but it can be complicated, and we want to help you to get it. 


At Cerdá, we are always up to date with new trends to provide you with the best information for you to take advantage in your business. If you want to know some ideas to be successful with geek products, join us and keep reading.

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Why selling Geek products can benefit your business?


When starting a new business, the first thing we look for is the ROI. It is important to know the trend and relevance the products have in customers, the target audience of the new company and products, and some Benchmarking of successful stores in the market. 


In the case of Geek products, your target audience is young teenagers to adults under 45 years of age in most cases. On the other hand, most of the products demanded in this trend are licensed products with designs from the new movies and series which follow the new trends in fashion and that can be used in your day. 


The Geek market is ideal for achieving a good amount of monthly sales because the target audience depends on themselves to purchase the products; they acquire merchandise for young people under 15 years of age on many occasions and are usually interested in different sections of the market. In other words, Geeks are angels for any store.


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Trends in geek products, which licenses are the most popular?


Have you ever watched Friends? If you haven’t seen it, we recommend

watching some chapters of this funny series to understand Geek people a little more.

Geek trends are usually generated in video games, comics, movies, or series on the most valuable streaming platforms such as Netflix or Disney plus.


In the middle of 2021, the main trends are not necessarily new because they came back thanks to the public or a released prequel or sequel of an old franchise. 


If you do not know some of the new trends in Geek products, here we will give you some information that can help you:


  1. Star Wars


This saga has always been one of the most successful on TV, but, with the arrival of The Mandalorian, this last year it has managed to recapture all its fans and make them fall in love again with this wonderful series. 


For your geek clients you can offer them the most original backpacks, notebooks or T-shirts that they will surely not be able to resist.

geek starwars products

  1. Marvel


The superheroes most loved by the audience never go out of style. In addition, with the new marvel premieres of this year 2021, they return to the load stronger than ever!


Winter accessorie such as socks, pajamas, sweatshirts, even pet accessories! At Cerdá we offer you everything your clients are looking for.


  1. Harry Potter


We fell in love with magic in this incredible saga that, without a doubt, the most geeks will never stop liking it. Are your clients from Griffindor or Slytherin?


In our Lifestyle collection you can find the accessory you are looking for! Wallets, books, pens and much more!

  1. ACDC


We do not forget the most rockers with our new collection of ACDC products. For those who enter your store feeling like true rock singers, they will undoubtedly find what they are looking for. Find out!

ACDC products


  1. Disney Classics


Because, who is not still in love with the characters that accompanied him in his childhood? For the most veteran who remain true fans of Minnie and Mickey Mouse, the most successful licenses, even Lilo & Stitch with its fun accessories.

Tips to be successful with a geek store


Creating a geek store is not very different from creating another type of store. However, few stores manage to be successful because they want to run the geek store as if it were just another business and lose their most important customers.

If you want some tips to be successful with a geek store, then we will give you the most important ones:


  • The store must have a technological, modern, and comfortable environment that encourages geek people to stay and see all the products.
  • Although geek customers have good purchasing power, you should not increase prices and offer them quality products at competitive prices. That is because they do not buy brands or prestige, only objects of emotional value. They might as well buy on Amazon or any other digital platform so you must stay competitive.
  • Have an updated product portfolio and always a sufficient stock to supply any unforeseen demand.
  • Give an excellent impression and promotions so that the word-of-mouth marketing strategy is effective. In other words, a person will talk to their friends about the store, and they will do the same, and so on.
  • Geeks and gamers share a passion for video games, so you should always be prepared for this other market niche.


Cerdá is always looking for ways that you can satisfy the needs of all its clients, regardless of age! That's why we bring you the latest Lifestyle collection.Don't miss it!

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Products and Novelties Tips and Advice


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