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Start living the magic with the most original Harry Potter sweatshirts

24 May 2021 / per Cerdá Group

If you've ever wondered what the franchise that generates the most sales is, Harry Potter is the ideal one to start in the world of licensing; and we are here to offer products of excellent quality of materials and designs. 

A big part of the success of Harry Potter licensed products is that they attend a large target. With more than 20 years,  its fandom goes from kids to adults and books to movies lovers.

Harry Potter: The most demanded license in stores


Harry Potter started out as a simple book published in 1997 by J.K Rowling, and its first film was released in 2001. At first, it seemed like an ideal children's book series or an entertaining family movie. Still, the film was a huge success and propelled this incredible story to the top of the box office and anticipated releases.

The fame of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone caused a sequel to be released in just one year and created a massive demand in the licensed product sector. In other words, he is one of the most profitable movie characters of all time due to having audiences from 3 different generations.

Harry Potter Accessories

Harry Potter winter clothing for everyone

Children always need the right clothes for winter because they could get sick, feel uncomfortable and not enjoy this beautiful season properly. On the other hand, if children and young people have  Harry Potter sweatshirts or accessories they will carry with them the memories of something loved with them.

Because we know the importance of good clothes with good designs, we have prepared everything to make this winter magical.

If you are ready, let's get started!

Harry potter sweatshirts for next winter 

There is nothing better than a cotton sweatshirt that has the magic of this excellent book and movie series. Our collection for this winter has eight different designs, with different styles, but without leaving aside the quality of cotton and other types of this same fabric. Additionally, all of our products are for children ages 6 to 14 or 16, and we offer sizes from XS to XXL.

Harry Potter sweatshirts

The most magic pajamas of Harry Potter

The fun with the magic of Harry Potter can not only be lived during the day, but you will need warm pajamas to watch a marathon of your favorite movies as a family. All our pajamas are made with 100% cotton, with the Hogwarts crest design, Gryffindor logo, and sizes from XS to XXL.

These pajamas are perfect for teens, adults, and also some baby one-piece designs. There is nothing to worry about because we have thought about everything at Cerdá.


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Harry Potter winter accessories

When it comes to accessories it is never enough for fans of Harry Potter or "Potterheads," and any licensed product from their favorite wizard will have them wanting it right away. That is why we do not limit ourselves to clothing, footwear, or fabrics. Still, we also develop a collection of accessories for daily use so that you always have a small part of this incredible wizard every day.

If there’s a license that takes a special relevance in winter is Harry Potter’s. It might be the amazing landscapes of the UK, the iconic uniform scarves or the Hogwarts castle, but Harry Potter is (and will be) a winter must in the licensed product market.

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Products and Novelties Winter


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