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Hygienic and reusable face masks with their favorite characters- What are you wainting for?

18 November 2020 / per Cerdá Group

Protecting us from Covid-19 at school, at work or in our free time with these fun hygienic and reusable face masks is the best way of doing it. And more likely if it is with our favourite characters. 

As a result of this worrying situation and the magnitude of this pandemic, at Cerdá we wanted to do something fun by creating the new catalog of licensed masks. Have you not seen it yet? Do not miss it!


Because wearing a mask can be funny 


After fitting, the most important thing is that the Mask must be a funny complemente so that everyone loves wearing it and keeps it on all day.

Masks will become part of our everyday wardrobe, so its important to make them cool and attractive to your customers. They can select their favorite license and that’s funny!

Cerdá Group is always searching for helping its customers and that’s why we know the importance of adaptability in these difficult moments. This new catalog comes to help our distributors to increase sales by offering the most demanded complement nowadays. And why not with your customers’ favorite characters? They will love it! 

That’s why we bring exciting, hygienic and reusable face masks for kids and adults that you can incorporate to your stock. 

Let's take a round of pur Face mask Collection!


Harry Potter Face Mask

While regular blue disposable masks may seem boring to your little one, these Harry Potter masks great options to have that will keep your customers interested in wearing them. And if they do get dirty during the day, you can reuse it. They are washable and super comfortable.


Looney tunes Face Mask

If your customers are real fans about Looney tunes characters, they will love wearing these looney tune face masks with pictures and names of different characters such as Tweety, Bunny and many more! You can select different colors such as yellow, white, black so that your child can wear new ones when others are dirty and need to be washed. These face masks are made with 100% polyester so that you can go for young or medium ones accordingly.


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SuperMan and Batman Hygenic face Mask

The followers of these heroes are in luck. Superman and Batman face masks are the perfect treat for them. You can pair it with matching accessories making up selling in your physical store.  Pop colors such as red, grey, white are also available. So no wait further get them right now!


Other Characters Face Mask

Cerdá we have covered different characters' faces Mask for different tastes and ages. You can get LOL, Friends or Wonder Woman face mask. They're made of polyester and cotton, making the material extremely breathable, and the ear loops are adjustable too.  

Smaller children who are too young to understand why they are being asked to wear a face mask can be particularly resilient. It can be difficult to get kids, especially younger ones, to wear something on their face all day, so it's important to make sure you get comfortable options that make breathing easier. When you give them options to wear their favourite character face mask, they will surely love to wear it.


At Cerdá we always look for a way to adapt to new times and this time we have done that with the new collection of masks with 2021 fashionable characters. Don't miss it and add these fun masks to your stock!


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18 November 2020 / per Cerdá Group

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18 November 2020 / per Cerdá Group