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How to organize differently your physical store and increase sales?

16 November 2020 / per Cerdá Group

 When you are trying to attract customers and increase traffic, the main focus is on the look and feel of your store. You must grab the attention of passers-by so that they want to enter. New customers are the lifeblood of stores. With the advent of Covid-19, your displays and merchandising must overcome any hesitation in order to shop in the usual place.

Cerdá wants to help you in these difficult moments to increase your sales by surprising and attracting your customers. So, here are the best ways to organize your physical store to attract new customers and increase traffic to your store.


Design and organize your store to increase sales

Take advantage of cross-merchandising and impulse selling opportunities. Use lighting techniques and creative displays to attract customers. Play videos for product introductions, customer entertainment, and any other additional sales or promotional activities. Engage all senses in your visual merchandising. Remember, the energy store is a magnet.


Make customers feel safe and comfortable in your store

In the COVID-19 era, one of the best ways to increase traffic and sales is to instill confidence in your customers. Due to the pandemic, many of your clients are concerned about their health and safety. To get their attention, start by clearly describing your health and safety measures. 

Explain everything you do to keep people safe in your area, then use multiple channels to communicate it.


Make sure your products are in place

A winning range of products will help you increase your sales. Keep track of your inventory to make sure you store the right products at the right time. Here's how:

Know your numbers - Keep a close eye on inventory data by tracking the right metrics (e.g. GMROI, through sales, inventory turnover, product performance, and lost sales). You need to have a clear understanding of what is selling, what products are making you money and what is useless so that you can make the right choices when it comes to ordering products, running promotions, etc.

Demand forecasting - you can forecast demand by looking at historical data, current trends and relying on your intuition a little. Start by looking at product and sales reports and determine which products are most popular and how fast they are selling. This will give you a better idea of ​​what items to order, how much you need, and by what dates you need them.

Avoid stockouts. Lack of inventory not only leads to missed sales opportunities but also lowers customer satisfaction and brand perception. Disadvantages also send people straight to your competitors.


Improve your workspace for increased productivity

If you are going to make progress in your business, you need to create an environment that supports that vision. There are several proven methods to help you get more out of your workplace. Believe it or not, by adding a few plants around the office, you can increase productivity by 15% by improving concentration. You will also feel better if you use a standing table and clean the cables.


Attractive visuals in the store

Let us state the obvious: people won't buy unattractive products, so it's important to have strong visuals in the store. Here are some general guidelines to follow:

  • Make your displays multidimensional by varying their visuals. Add height, color, or depth whenever possible.
  • Designate a facilitator, so people know which elements or details to focus on. Overloaded or distracting displays will overwhelm your customers.
  • Make them useful or interactive. Help people see your products in action. Create displays that showcase your products in use or let shoppers try them out.
  • Keep things clean and tidy. An organized space not only looks good, but also allows customers to find what they need faster, thus making the shopping process easier.
  • Showcase your best products in the spotlight. The idea is always to display your best products when you enter a store, regardless of price. This is how you communicate what you are capable of and is a great conversation starter for staff.


Cross selling techniques in your store organization 

Finally, you need to know that your entire store organization has a logic and a defined strategy to increase your sales. The products’ position will be key and will help you sell more product and therefore increase your profits. 

The most important thing is about how we organize our store in relation to the licenses and products we have. Creating specific spaces and small universes for each character and product type will make cross-selling strategy one of your most successful tools so that your customers once they arrive at your store, they want to take everything!


This is a retail phenomenon: when stores look like something is happening, people will want to check it out. We've just introduced you to a ton of ideas to organize your physical store to boost your retail sales.

Cerdá Group hopes you can use a few of these pointers and make them work for your business.


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Point of Sale Tips and Advice


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