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5 February 2024 / per Cerdá Group

Whether you're going to nursery school, starting primary school or going to university. Today, comfort and style are no longer just a preference, they are also essential when choosing school bags. Read on to find out what makes our backpacks stand out to your customers.

    1. Fun design
    2. Durable backpacks for endless playtime
    3. Durability while being respectful

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1. Fun design

Innovation has always been key in the fashion world. Make sure the products you incorporate into your business have a modern, eye-catching feel and use vibrant colours or eye-catching prints. Like our 100% licensed school bags. A product that will become an essential for your shop.


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In Cerdá Group we have developed backpacks that reach all kinds of audiences: for nursery school, for school or even to enjoy leisure time.  We know that your customers have different favourite characters depending on their age. 

- Gabby's Dollhause or Bluey for the little ones, two series that tell the adventures of two characters that are the new sensation and that the little ones are falling in love with. These characters are becoming classics and are a must for your business.

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- Spiderman and Frozen, the brave Spiderman and the ice queen, two characters that have been accompanying boys and girls to school for years. Backpacks, pencil cases, toiletry bags with their designs are products that are sweeping the shops, as they have managed to reach the hearts of the public.

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It's time to go out and play and enjoy some free time, and Stitch and Mickey know it. That's why the little ones need a backpack where they can store their things. At Cerdá we have taken this into account and have designed different types of backpacks that will give your shop a wide range of products. From backpacks with a 3D design and lights, backpacks with a transparent pocket or backpacks with wheels.

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2. Durable backpacks for endless playtime

Kids are experts at exploring the world, and they need backpacks that are up to the challenge. Built with durable, hard-wearing materials, our school bags are designed to withstand everyday adventures, from school to the playground and beyond.

Looks aren't everything. Backpacks should be as functional as they are comfortable and beautiful:

  • Smart compartments designed to organise different types of items such as your computer, lunch, pens, bottles, etc. This will make it easier to access and organise your items.
  • Organiser pockets for easy access to essential items.
  • Padded straps an important element to provide comfort for the children and distribute the weight of the backpack evenly.
  • Breathable backrests the area that is in contact with the back needs good airflow to help kids stay cooler and reduce heat and sweat.

These are some of the features that will make your school bags more ergonomically designed and will help your customers' health.



Whether you're a busy student or an adventurer in the park, any backpack should fit your customer's lifestyle. So incorporate our character school bags into your shop and set yourself up for success.

3. Durability while being respectful

Investing in quality is investing in the future. That's why for Cerdá Group it is very important to manufacture backpacks that are resistant and designed to withstand daily use and everyday adventures. These are the kind of backpacks that everyone wants to have in their business.

We are convinced that we want to be one of the best companies for the planet and to do this it is essential to reduce the use of PVC for environmental, health and sustainability reasons.  In this sense, at Cerdá we have designed our backpacks with an inner lining of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), materials that stand out for their durability, lightness, greater stability to UV rays and resistance to shrinkage. You can't see it, but you can feel it..

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At this point, you might want to incorporate our school bags into your business. It's easy! Contact us and we'll provide you with all the information you need to take your shop to the next level with the most original and comfortable backpacks on the market.

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Backpack for kids Cerdá products back to school Newsletteren