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20 November 2023 / per Cerdá Group

What boy or girl doesn't want to go to school with a new backpack of their favourite character? At Cerdá we want you to prepare your business for this great moment! That's why we present the new Back to School 2024 collection with new licenses and new designs that reflect the desire to start a new school year. Read on and discover all these new products:

    1. All set for back to school
      1.1 The new licences that are on the rise
      1.2 The classics are always a MUST
      1.3 PVC Free products
    2. A collection to create Life's Little Moments
      2.1 Kindergarden
      2.2 Free Time
      2.3 School
    3. Fun in the rain
    4. Top three stationery products

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1. All set for back to school

A new adventure begins, back to routine and back to school. A year full of nerves and emotions, learning and friendship. The first day after the holidays is very important for the kids; they love to show off their new backpacks and fill them with their school materials and books.    

Backpacks, folders, pencil cases, pens, notebooks... Everything you need to make your shop back to school. With the newest licenses and the usual ones. Get ready for success because the new Back To School collection is here!

With our Retail Lab, Cerdá helps you to get the most out of your Back to School line. Through planograms, videos, materials and comprehensive training, we teach you to understand the technical characteristics of the products. In addition, you will receive advice and tips that will guide you in the correct implementation of these products, making them the protagonists in your business.




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1.1. The new licences that are sweeping

This year we have new characters that will accompany the little ones in their daily routine. Licences such as Barbie, the iconic doll whose film has grossed more than 1.2 billion euros, making it the highest grossing film of the year.

Other licences such as the Lion King, whose fans of his philosophy of life "Hakuna Matata" have an appointment next summer 2024 as his Life action premieres on the big screen or the Ninja Turtles, the iconic group of four turtles whose story began in a comic book and now have several series and films in their shells and have been making us participate in all their adventures for 40 years.

The new collection presents novelties that will surprise your customers, making it a great success.

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1.2. Classics are always a MUST

This back to school season, you can't miss the great classics such as Mickey, Minney, Frozen or Stitch, which have been with us for years and are always a guaranteed success in your business.

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For the little ones, we have Gabby's DollHouse, a preschool series that tells the adventures of Gabby and her cat friends inside their dollhouse, or Bluey, a series that narrates the adventures of a shepherd puppy called Bluey who lives with her family. A preschool programme that is a hit with audiences in more than 60 countries and with more than 6.7 million followers on social networks.

Two licences that are the new sensation among the little ones and that have managed, in a very short time, to make them fall in love with them. These characters are going to become a classic that you can't miss in your shop.

1.3. PVC Free Products

It is essential to reduce the use of PVC for environmental, health and sustainability reasons. In this sense, at Cerdá we have designed our back-to-school backpacks with an inner lining of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), materials that stand out for their durability, lightness, greater stability against UV rays and resistance to shrinkage. You can't see it, but you can feel it.


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2. A collection to create Life's Little Moments

There is no good back to school without a good backpack with the right accessories such as toiletry bags, umbrellas, pencil cases, pens... This new collection is designed to make the little ones fall in love with it, so you can't miss it at your point of sale. These are the different types of backpacks in our new Back to School 24 collection:

2.1 Kindergarden

The first day at nursery school is a very important day. Meeting new friends, new teachers, playing a lot and learning new things, it's an adventure!

The beginning of this new stage is the one that worries parents the most, that's why you can become the trusted shop where you can buy all the necessary school supplies such as backpacks, bags, paints or notebooks.

Mickey, Minnie, Gabby or Peppa Pig, do not want to miss this great event, so in this new collection BTS 24 we have designed very soft and padded teddy backpacks and backpacks with full prints. All of them with an ideal size so that these little ones can pick them up and carry them without difficulty. 

In addition to backpacks, we have also designed a matching bag, a super top pack for the start of a new stage!


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2.2 Free Time

It's time to get out of school and enjoy some free time. It is a time when boys and girls want to be more autonomous and want to go and play with their friends. For this they need a backpack in which to store their things. In this collection you can find backpacks with 3D designs, with a transparent pocket or with wheels, from the top licenses. The little ones will enjoy their free time!
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2.3 School

Will they carry big books or just folders and notebooks? Will they need space for a computer or a bottle of water? The little ones are not so little anymore and they are growing and with them the size of their books and their responsibilities. At Cerda we are aware of their needs and that's why we have developed products that will leave your customers very satisfied.

School backpacks with computer compartment, side pocket to put a water bottle, a front pocket, padded handles ... comfortable backpacks with different compartments.

In addition, not only can you solve the backpack issue, but you can also offer your customers the complete collection of backpack, toiletry bag, pouch, pencil case and pencil case.

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These 100% licensed products are going to be the stars of your shop! The old and new licenses are waiting for you to make your customers fall in love with them.

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3. Fun in the rain

Rainy days don't have to be dull and grey, especially for the little ones, and the thrill of jumping in puddles and feeling the raindrops on their skin can be a unique experience. The thrill of jumping in puddles and feeling the raindrops on your skin can become a unique experience. What better way to do it than with an umbrella of the most magical characters?


You already know that the different range of umbrellas for children and adults are a basic for back to school.
They are a product that works very well as a gift. At Cerdá we have developed the designs to match the entire collection of backpacks, cases and bags so that you can offer your customers a wide range of items with the designs of their favourite characters. 

Get ready to meet these umbrellas full of creativity and colour. Characters like Minnie, Stitch, Bluey, Harry Potter and even the new Barbie licence will brighten up rainy days.

4. Top three stationery products

The new collection is much more than just backpacks. You can also get your hands on 100% licensed stationery products: pencil cases, pens, highlighters, notebooks and many other items that will make the start of the school year much more fun. Who wouldn't like to have a Spiderman backpack to go with the pens, highlighters, pencil case and notebooks?


These are some of the stationery products that we know will be a hit this season:
- Stretchy designer pencil cases.
- Planners that include stickers and pencils.
- Journal notebook with key and padlock to keep great secrets.
Download CatalogueDid you like our new Back to School 2024 collection? Don't hesitate and incorporate it in your business, the back to school products of the characters of the moment are ready to conquer the hearts of your customers! 

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