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Novelties in cerdá! Poopsie products arrive

26 November 2019 / per Cerdá Group

We currently live in a boom of love for unicorns. Children go crazy with them and want to be able to take them close at all times: in toys, in clothes, backpacks...

And, in response to this very beautiful need to share moments with their unicorns, the Poopsie, a funny and amazing unicorn puppy dolls that are becoming preferred by all, have been born.

At Cerdá, as fashion distributors with a children's license, we want to help your store be in tune with the needs of the public, so we offer you a large assortment of Poopsie clothes that will delight everyone. Go ahead, then we'll explain more!

What is the Poopsie phenomenon?

Poopsie are adorable baby unicorns that make poop. Yes it is. In addition to providing hours and hours of imaginative play, they make poop.

They are the perfect combination of everything children want with all their strength: unicorns and poops. And the eschatological issue, as parents well known, is fascinating for their children.

These dolls are collectible and there are 4 different, all of them adorable with their sweet faces and their reference to the mythical unicorn. They look fun, pretty and soft and also have a lot of appetite, which is why they poop later. But as fascinating as it may be, their defecation is as colorful as they are and their result will help children to play as if it were slime.

Beyond the dolls, you have the option to buy only the slime (which simulates the poop of the unicorns). It is a revolution among children because it has two hooking ingredients: it is collectible and DIY, mixing colors, smells, and ways of doing. Amazing!




The available models are;

-      Dazzle Darling. It is the hardest unicorn baby to get, and it is the most tender and sociable. He has light pink hair and some blue strands. It has a unicorn cat face and is preferred by all. Children go crazy for this baby's Poopsie clothes.

-      Rainbow Brighstar. His hair is fascinating to look like a rainbow. It is cheerful, fun and beautiful. It has a bright golden horn and its legs are silver. It is another one preferred by all.

-    Oopsie Strarligut. His style is most punk and daring. It is rebellious and free and one of the most beautiful in the collection. Her skin is pink and she has adorable multicolored tattoos on her legs, all of them making reference to the multiple collectable cups.

-    Whoopsie Doodle. She is the strongest and bravest of all the Poopsie unicorn babies. He wears two pigtails and has a silver horn. His diaper is black, consistent with his style.


What are Poopsie unicorn dolls?

Poopsie unicorn dolls have managed to integrate all the favorite components of the most fashionable toys today, in only one: the unicorns, the slime and the LOL concept.

Just open the package, the emotion that brings the LOL dolls begins, is that the surprises follow one after another for the great enjoyment of the little ones. It is not known which doll will play, what will be your dog, your drink, its mixture of ingredients, the color of your potty ...

And it is there, in the mixture of ingredients with which they are accompanied, where the slime appears, since the defecations of the Poopsie are nothing more than slime with which the children can play for hours. And you can buy them separately!





Poopsie Fashion, go for it all!

At Cerdá we know the madness and devotion that these beautiful dolls have caused in the little ones of the house and, therefore, we want to help you to fill your shelves with the best official Poopsie products. Dressing with the images of your favorite dolls is something that all kids want, so if your customers want it, you must offer it, become their reference store!

In our catalog you can get all kinds of products, from towels in the shape of poop or with the images of your favorite Poopsie, to all kinds of t-shirts, swimsuits, dresses, flip flops, sunglasses... But do not forget that quality is important and that, at Cerdá, we offer you the best products and with the highest quality.

Do not miss the opportunity to increase your profits considerably, get even closer to your customers and get more customers. Poopsie clothing promises to be a trend for a long time, so become one of the establishments with the largest assortment of Poopsie models.


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