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Why does selling licensed products increase the benefits of your business?

23 March 2021 / per Cerdá Group

However, many underestimate the power of offering licensed products in their stocks and losing out on big profits that would have boosted the company quickly.

Selling licensed products is a lengthy process and one that can deliver outstanding results. If you don't know this: relax, sit back, and take your time to find out why selling licensed products is an advantage.


What is licensing and what are its advantages?


A license is an authorization that a licensee acquires to use a trademark or proprietary image and reproduce or use it for a specified period of time. Entertainment character licensing is one of the most common ways to tailor and differentiate products, accounting for 45% of the total global licensing market at $ 118.3 billion.

Licensed products have great advantages and are perfect for helping, especially small and medium-sized businesses, to increase their turnover through highly popular media figures. Some of these benefits are:

  • They help you position yourself in the market. Entertainment characters are recognized by the public and valued positively, as well as the companies that create them. Usually, these brands already have a position in the market and that the public associates your store with companies such as Disney or Marvel gives you great value.

  • Marketing and advertising of big brands. Not only do entertainment characters have hours of exposure on the big screen, but the large companies that own their brands create numerous marketing and advertising campaigns around them. You can benefit from these actions for free.

  • They generate emotional attachment. When deciding to buy a product, the consumer takes into account two essential aspects: the emotional and the functional. In licensed entertainment products, the purchase prescriber is fundamentally the child, which is why an emotional bond is generated that ignores the functionality and price of the product.

Who can sell licensed products? 


Any natural or legal person who wants to exploit a trademark for a while can get a license. However, there is no scale on the prices of the licenses but they depend on the agreement established between the licensor or owner of the brand and the licensee. In this way, access is limited to obtaining the exploitation of the trademarks through an economic filter, among other various factors, which mean that only some licensees can access the market.

On the other hand, there are also companies that have specific requirements to be a licensee of their brand. With some brands it can be very complex to negotiate a license because they require a minimum of 5 years of experience manufacturing and distributing licensed products.

This arduous process, followed by the large financial outlay and the infrastructure required for the manufacture of licensed products, makes small and medium-sized retail stores bet on acquiring their products from licensed wholesalers. In this way, the same benefits of the big brands are obtained, and the pull of the characters is taken advantage of without any additional effort.


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 Cerdá: your trusted licensed products wholesaler


We have more than 2.000 references for all ages and more than 55 licenses to never get into the monotony of offering the same licenses every year. Additionally, our customer service is specially designed so that there is effective communication, and we can be on the same page and help with any inconvenience.

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At Cerdá we have more than 30 years of experience as a manufacturer and distributor of Disney licenses, creating high-quality and innovative products. Discover our products and start to make your customers fall in love through the entertainment characters of the moment!


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Tips and Advice Licensing


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