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Selling techniques for Black Friday

25 October 2023 / per Cerdá Group

Are you preparing your shop for Black Friday?  This is the perfect opportunity to increase the sales of your business. To do so, you need to take into account a series of sales techniques, planning, marketing, analytics and measuring results. Do you want to know more?

    1. The 6 sales techniques your business needs
    2. Planning, the big star
    3. Marketing, your ally
    4. The power of data
    5. Much to hear
    6. SuperMoments Retail Lab Academy

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1.The 6 sales techniques your business needs

At Cerdá Group we want your shop to be ready for the big day, that's why we are going to give you 6 techniques that will help you boost your BLACK FRIDAY.

⚡Flash deals: Create a sense of urgency by proposing offers that are available for a limited time, which will encourage your customers to make a quick decision.

🎁 Gifts for higher purchases: Offering gifts for higher purchases is a very good technique to incentivise your customers. You can set a threshold, i.e. a minimum purchase amount that customers must reach, so that they can get a product completely free of charge.

👍 Share one and get another: We suggest you do the typical 2 for 1, in which when they buy a product from your shop they can get another one for free or with an even more special discount. For your customer it will be a bargain that they won't be able to let go.

📦Free shipping: This technique is a great sales strategy, especially if your business is online. This can mean great savings for your customer, which will be a positive aspect to increase conversions. In this type of technique you can also opt for free shipping on sales above a certain amount. This way you will increase the average purchase ticket.

🛍️ Implantations: Make sure you highlight the products you are interested in! Within a shop, the presentation and layout of products is very important to optimise the customer experience and especially if you want to have a big sales impact during Black Friday. A good shop window design or knowing how to identify the areas of your shop that have a higher visibility or a good traffic are essential points to succeed in your Black Friday.

From our SuperMoments Retail Lab, we have prepared a series of implementations of characters, Winter, Back To School and many others that we know will succeed in your business.

See more implementations

🖼️ Signage: In a shop is essential, as it helps to attract the attention of customers. Putting a good sign in your shop window or on your website, highlighting offers, discounts and generating a sense of urgency, will increase your sales and generate a pure Black Friday atmosphere.


2. Planning, the big star

At Cerdá Group we know that the Black Friday campaign is very important for the retail world so planning is very important. From inventory to meet expected demand to promotions, you need to have everything under control, so take note:

- Inventory: examine previous sales patterns to identify the products with the highest demand.

- Promotions: Create tempting offers and substantial discounts. Consider package promotions or bulk discounts to encourage larger volume purchases, using any of the 6 techniques above.

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3. Marketing: your ally

Effective marketing is essential to attract the attention of your customers. That's why we advise you to make the most of social media, email and online advertising, i.e. digital campaigns. You can spread the word about your offers with teasers and countdowns.

Be prepared and optimise your website! Make sure your website is easy to navigate and that the Black Friday offers are prominently displayed on the homepage, and that they are clearly and attractively arranged.

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4. The power of data

Data is a great asset in the world of sales and marketing. That is why we advise you to carry out real-time analytics, using tools to monitor sales and customer behaviour and adapting your strategies according to the data you obtain.

But it's not just about analysing, it's also about learning and adapting, which is why after Black Friday you can analyse which strategies stood out and the reasons behind their success. This information can be very valuable for future sales events.

5. Much to be heard

Every customer is unique and so are their experiences and preferences. The key to success on Black Friday is to thoroughly understand your audience and provide them with personalised offers and experiences. To do this, prepare your team to deal with an increase in enquiries and requests. Providing exceptional customer service can be the key to retaining customers.

And as we mentioned earlier, every customer is different. So much so that you need to be clear about customer segmentation. We advise you to take advantage of the data they provide to send offers adapted to specific groups, that is to say, to make personalised offers that help to boost conversions. To retain these customers, we suggest that you set up loyalty programmes offering them rewards such as additional discount codes to make Black Friday offers even more attractive. 

Finally, if you want to keep your customers satisfied, you can increase the return period until after Christmas, so you can also encourage them to bring forward their Christmas shopping. 

6. SuperMoments Retail Lab Academy

We hope that the sales strategies we have shown you and all the tips about Black Friday will help you. Black Friday is an intense competition, so creativity and authenticity in your sales strategies can make the difference. Remember that from our SuperMoments Retail Lab Academy you can learn more about this topic and many more. The trainings, implementations and graphic material of our collections are waiting for you in our Google Classroom. Are you in?

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