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Tips for high engagement on social media

27 July 2023 / per Cerdá Group

engagement en redes sociales

Through them we are able to transmit our values, news or actions that we want to carry out. Moreover, nowadays everyone is part of one of the digital platforms that exist, and many people are on all of them.

Nowadays, any company that wants to maintain and grow in its market or sector must be present, yes or yes, digitally.

But, contrary to what many believe, social networks should be used to create a healthy, active community that provides value to both the brand and the customer. And it is no longer just about having many followers to swell our list, but also about getting those we have to become part of the community and to interact and participate in our publications.

At Cerdá we want to help you benefit from all the advantages that the internet can provide, so here are a series of tips to make your social networks work as they should.

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What is social media engagement?

Engagement on social networks is an indicator of user interaction with our communication on social networks. It indicates the level of public interest in the content we publish, and helps us to find out if this content is appropriate and provides value to our potential buyers.

Advantages of having an active community on social networks

Among all the benefits of keeping your social networks properly active, the two main ones are:


Your network will be alive, moving, generating content and reaching your audience. You will receive likes, comments, they will share your publications... and, in addition, you will know first-hand what your customers think of you. What do they need, what do they want?

Building community

The best advice for your social media is to create your own community. This will build a relationship between your brand and your customers and keep your followers engaged. This way, every time you post or share content, it will come to fruition. And it will give you back exactly what you were looking for.

How to get engagement on social media?

Now that you know the benefits of doing so, let's give you some tips on how to increase engagement on your social networks:

Who is your target audience?

Before starting any social networking strategy, you should analyse who your target audience is, who you want to address and how you want to do it.

By analysing all this, you will be able to know if you are really targeting correctly and if the people you want to reach are willing to buy the services or products you offer.

The best system to carry out this analysis is segmentation, whether by demographic, gender, age group, socio-economic profile, interests...

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Presence in the social networks where the target audience is present

Having segmented target audiences allows you, among other things, to choose which social networks you have to be present on. And they will be, nothing more and nothing less, than the ones where your target audience is. Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter... there are many options and you have to focus on the ones that are useful for you.

Each social network is different and therefore needs specific content and publications.

On Facebook, for example, the ideal is that the text should not exceed 250 characters, while on Twitter the recommended length is 100. And on Instagram, 80 would be more than enough.

In addition, each platform has its own communication language. Therefore, although you can sometimes use the synchronisation of the same content for all of them, it is not something that is convenient to do on a recurring basis.

Content strategies

With the "boom" of social networks, valuable and quality content has become essential. Now it is no longer enough just to publish certain "key" words that position your brand for visibility, but customers are looking for interesting content that catches their attention and is useful to them.

So it is essential to have expert professionals capable of correctly conveying what your brand wants to say. Strategising the publication of content, knowing the best time to publish it, using the right image...

Study the behaviour of your audience

You probably already have a social network, so you can use it to analyse the behaviour of your existing followers. This way you will know when they are most receptive to your publications, on which days and at what times, what were the contents that most interested them and which were the ones that produced the most interaction.

Become part of the community

A relationship must be reciprocal and in social media, too. In other words, if we are trying to increase engagement on social networks, we must make our followers feel that they are important to us. To do this, it is essential to interact with them. With prudence, with caution and always following the values of our company. Never enter into disputes or disqualifications... Always maintain a friendly and conciliatory tone.

A good image is key

On Instagram, the visual social network par excellence, it is very important what the image transmits. And on the rest, although to a lesser extent, too. So accompany your text with quality images that attract attention, that are attractive and that, of course, are related to what you are explaining.

Use the "call to action" resource

Remember that your goal is to maintain an active social network, so to increase user interaction it is important that you motivate them to open a dialogue.

Use your text and image to make a call to action, for example; What do you think about this? or What do you think about this? or Tell us what you think about this!

In addition, you can also start contests, promotions... whatever is necessary to keep the community active and, moreover, share your publications in order to reach a wider audience.

These social media tips will help you keep your online community active. They will bring you many advantages and benefits and you will get your customers to know about your brand and know exactly what is the meaning of it. They will also provide you with the necessary tools to increase your audience, know where you need to improve your products or services, thanks to the opinion of your consumers and, finally, increase your business success.

So don't waste any more time and get on with it! The results will surprise you.

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