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Your favorite neighbor has returned with the most original winter accessories

15 April 2021 / per Cerdá Group

Spiderman, the most demanded license among children

Spiderman is a fictional Marvel Comics superhero. This amazing character was created by writer-artist Steve Ditko and writer-editor Stan Lee. He first appeared in Amazing Fantasy 15 (August 1962).

Lee and Ditko portrayed the character as an orphan raised by his aunt May and Uncle Ben, and as a teenager who had to deal with the usual problems of adolescence in addition to fighting a costumed crime-fighter. The creators of Spiderman endowed him with super strength and agility, the ability to cling to most surfaces, shoot cobwebs using devices of his own invention, which he called "web-shooters," and quickly respond to danger using his "spider-sense." allowing him to fight his opponents. 

Spiderman's superpowers were extraordinary speed and agility, a sixth sense, the ability to climb steep surfaces, sting, and throw a web. Visually, this character was represented by a black spider, strength, flexibility, symbolizing protection and mystery. This is why Spiderman is the best friend of every child.

Let's meet superhero winter novelties!


Spiderman winter accessories 


Spiderman Hats

Hats are an indispensable accessory in this climate because they protect the main part of the body, the head; they warm the ears, which are sensitive to cold, which people usually forget about.

Spiderman winter hats are the best-selling items, and kids' best friends. Don't miss the opportunity to add them to your inventory anyway. We bring you these hats made from the finest materials such as nylon, acrylic, and elastane.


Spiderman shoe Collection

Cerdá Group offers a complete range of winter footwear to fill your stock and meet your customer's needs. Discover our entire catalog of winter shoes! Running, dancing, and jumping never seemed so desirable until Spiderman winter shoes came along. We also have long boots, Flipflop, sneakers, and cozy shoes that are more impressive because they have a lot of brightness, 3D color, and light. 

They are very comfortable on the inside because they have a sheepskin lining, and they look beautiful on the outside because they have a quilted look with sequins, glitters, or full print.


spiderman winter accessories


Spiderman Socks collection

Meet our collection of Spiderman socks, and we bring you a wide range of fun socks that are sure to be a success. They are available in popular colors with a spiderman print on them. Don't forget to have some fun with shoes and socks on their adventures with our awesome and cute licensed socks. They are available as anti-slip socks or as a set of 3 socks. Now, these are the most fashionable socks. It would be best if you didn't skip them to add to your list.


Spiderman Winter pajamas 

Winter is cozy and comfortable pajamas are a must. Explore our Spiderman Pajamas, which are made from cotton and comfortable fabric. We've picked some of the best pajamas, from warm winter options to stylish short sets for a cozy night out with your favorite toy. 

They are available in vibrant colors with 3D Spiderman prints on both legs. Spiderman pajama sets include 100% cotton elasticated trousers, available in all sizes from toddlers to teenagers (2-14 years old).


Spiderman products for pets… Matching winter outfits!

Cerda knows how great it is to have Spiderman pet clothing and accessories in store for your pet-owner customers. Do you have hoodies in the store? If so, why not design two sweatshirts with the same personality or sweatshirts for your client pet owner and their furry companions? Seems like the perfect match. Match your Spiderman winter outfit with the hoodies and collar of your four-legged furry friends. Walk your pet proudly down the street and impress your friends.

As always, Cerdá Group offers the best winter shopping products. Considering all of the above new winter Spiderman products, we recommend that you visit the clothing section to get ready for winter, we have the best designs to sell them in your store. Always be prepared with Cerdá products!


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Products and Novelties Winter


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