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New collection! Winter products are back in Cerdá

13 April 2021 / per Cerdá Group

At Cerdá, we believe in following the latest trends and taking care of the needs of our customers. Therefore, our new winter collection 2021 is designed to do just that. It is designed to promise consumers comfort and a stylish look. So if you've been looking forward to taking a look at our new winter collection 2021, no worries, because your wait is finally over.  Meet new and exciting products for next winter!


Winter clothing collection 2021


These cozy clothes have enough potential to attract a large number of customers to your store. Clothing is obviously one of the most important parts of human life, and they are usually very picky about what to wear. They not only make a person beautiful but also protect him from any weather conditions and injuries. 

You little fans don't have to wait any longer to fall in love with their favorite character by wearing a long-sleeve T-shirt or trousers, hoodies, and sweatshirts, or other clothing featuring their favorite character. 

We get clothes from Disney for both your kids and adults. Choose from a wide range of Mickey & Minnie Mouse, Spiderman, Batman or Harry Potter winter clothing such as single shirts, long-sleeved shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, pajama sets, sweaters and make your customers fall in love with them. 

We have a complete range of clothing with many options to choose from. Our website has it all; take a little time and get great deals to help you line up customers in front of your store.


Winter accessories you must have in your store


Let's talk about Cerda's new winter accessories, which are now perfect to have in stock and enough to boost your sales this year. Don't miss a single accessory. Excited! Let's meet these new novelties.


Footwear collection

Our winter footwear collections look great, and you don't have to wait for the season to get your customers' favorites. All the designs have in common reinforcement on the toe to shoe with PU and breathable mesh. 


winter products



his year's 2021 trend, children's shoes are a combination of sports and casual style, fashionable with their favorite characters. Characters such as Frozen, Sonic and Lady Bug will be in trend. So, update your inventory with our shoe collection, we've covered canvas shoes, athletic shoes, trendy boots, LED shoes, slippers, as well as adult footwear. Just explore our winter collection catalog and let your little customer have fun with their favorite characters.


Winter Hats

Winter is all about beautiful and cozy hats. So, we have added some fantastic characters such as Disney, Friends or LOL, and everyone's best friend Spiderman in our winter hat collection. 

No matter if you need to wear the hulk hat or the typical avenger's hat. Cerdá also has the Captain Marvel hat if you think that is something your customers might love. Don't miss them, as these are best seller products of winter.

winter products cerdá



FaceMasks and Sleeping Masks

While regular blue disposable masks may seem boring to your little one, these cute characters' facemask will drive your customers crazy with the logos of their favorite characters!

And if they do get dirty during the day, you can reuse them. They are washable and very comfortable. We also have cute and comfortable sleeping masks don't miss them to add to your inventory; you can make a pajama set and sleep mask combination too.


Cerdá, your trusted wholesaler of licensed products

We have been working with licensed products for several decades. We think about our customers and always ask for opinions about our work as a company to ensure that we do our job the right way. 

We always come up with something comfortable and trendy. We are not only your supplier, but we also advise you what is best for your business; we always think about you and what your business is doing the most. We strive to produce high-quality, versatile, and multifunctional products. Our work is based on research and reports on licenses, children's tastes, and trends. Thus, all our work is based on proven data and forecasts for the future. Trust Cerdá and grow your business!



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Products and Novelties Winter


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