Products and Novelties back to school

New stationery products with the trendiest characters

25 March 2021 / per Cerdá Group

That's right; almost everyone remembers the characters that accompanied them for a big part of their childhood in the most extended classes or the most boring moments. Today, our task is to bring each child a stationery product to make their studies much more fun.

At Cerdá, we care about the quality of our products and our customers. That is why we will show you some products that cannot be missing from your store's stock. 


The most famous and trendiest characters of the moment

The advantage of selling licensed products is that customers will request it because they need the product or because they only have their favorite character, and at some point, it could be helpful. That is why we have investigated the characters that offer the best profitability, and our results were:



Disney is a company that throughout its history has not stopped betting on the highest grossing and most successful characters. That is why our Disney classics collection is so special. Among our products you can find:


    • Eraser with characters like Stitch, 101 Dalmatians, Aristocats, The Lion King, and Toy Story that give pencils a special touch.
    • Erasers and various Frozen II school sets with pencil cases, colored pencils, eraser and notepad with pictures of their favorite princess.
    • Mickey School set  which includes a ruler, pencils, pencil case, filing posits and a notebook with the images of everyone's favorite mouse and all kind of erasers.

      stationery products


Most school sets have the same content, and each could have a pencil case, pencils, erasers, pencil sharpeners, notebooks, stickers, and crayons.



Marvel has more than 50 years in the market of comics and the creation of superheroes, but it was sold to Disney and became part of the great media conglomerate. However, Marvel was always around for more than four different generations and continues to make a difference with its incredible superhero sagas that connect.

Some of the licenses that we considered offering due to their demand were:


Harry Potter

Everyone has heard of Harry Potter and his entire saga sometime because he has been one of the most famous and profitable characters in selling licensed products due to the "Potterheads" fans.

That is why we have prepared for the Potterheads several school sets to make them enjoy the classes and a weekly planner not to miss any commitment or exam.



stationery products



Paw Patrol

Nickelodeon was once the center of attention in the first decade of the 2000s. Now it wants to retake its position with excellent series for children like Paw Patrol, which has had a great impact on children and has been well received by a part of the audience. Additionally, we have decided to start with our line of licensed Paw Patrol erasers.


At Cerdá our primary mission is the satisfaction of our final consumers when they see their children's emotion by giving them products with their favorite characters And focusing on the economic well-being of the wholesalers or retailers that are part of our distribution chain.


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Products and Novelties back to school


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