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Avengers products. The license that never goes out of style

28 March 2021 / per Cerdá Group

If we wanted to explain Avengers in a few words, we could say that it is "a group of superheroes who are recruited to fight together against some common enemy."

However, it is challenging to speak accurately about this group of superheroes because Marvel establishes a link between the Avengers films and its other superheroes' films. In other words, you have to watch the movies of all the superheroes and avengers at the same time to understand the plot of the marvel universe.

What makes them so attractive for licensing? The 4 Avengers movies alone had a box office gross of approximately $ 7 billion, and their budget was nearly $ 2 billion. Additionally, the film of each superhero has been considerably profitable.

In Cerdá our daily work is to offer unique designs and products with a high-quality standard. Just keep reading and discover our avengers products!


Back to school avengers products


Typically, we all need these products for daily activities, and there is no better way to spend a day near your most famous characters. Among some of the available characters are Captain America, Hulk, Iron man, Thor, and Avengers.

The composition of the backpacks can be 100% polyester, PU, or EVA. Besides, these items weigh from 300 gr to 700 gr, and there are for all ages.

Some of the best packages we offer are school sets, which contain a notebook, pencils, crayons, rulers, clips, and pencil pouches.  On the other hand, the Travel sets and lunch bag set are perfect due to the accessories included in a single purchase.


avengers accessories



Textile and complements of their favorite superheroes


The best way to create beautiful outfits is with the accessories that give the final touch because a cap, mask, or sweater can make a difference. As in the previous section, these products contain the same Marvel characters, and some of the specifications are similar.

The covid-19 could damage 2020 for many, but we will never let it ruin an outfit's style as long as we have the Captain America masks made of polyester. 

On the other hand, the hats are made of acrylic, while the caps are made of cotton, polyester, PU and weigh approximately 140 grams. Equip your store with all capitan america products.


avengers products


Finally, you can highlight the pajamas, and boxers included in our underwear collecction. These products are made with polyester, cotton and most are designed for children 6 to 14 years old.


Marvel and The Avengers Footwear

Footwear is the most challenging part for a child because it must fit perfectly, be resistant, and have a good design. Most of the shoes we offer are aimed at children between 6 and 12 years old and between sizes 25 and 34.

Flip flops, clogs, and sandals are ideal products for any situation, and they offer much comfort, do not take up much space, and are made with EVA or PVC. On the other hand, the sleeper boots weigh 250 grams, are made of polyester, and are perfect for being around the house all day.


avengers footwear


Finally, we move on to heavy footwear that is made to go anywhere and must be resistant to children's environment. Our sneakers & sporty shoes are made with PU, polyester, rubber, EVA and weigh less than 600 grams.


Marvel accesories

In this last section, you will find all the perfect accessories to attract attention and satisfy the fans of this incredible movie saga. The best part is that anyone could use these products regardless of age.

The umbrellas are made of POE, sunglasses and pins of acrylic. The designs can be reduced because there are only three different characters, but they are aesthetic. Finally, the market for licensed products reached dogs, to which we offer toys made of polyester, T-shirts, and a Captain America Frisbee.


Avengers products for adults

We do not forget the oldest and most fans. We add to our variety of avengers products many accessories and complements for the idols of this saga. That is why you can find the most original backpacks to travel, go to work or college. And for the day to day? Caps with your favorite characters: Captain America, Spiderman, Marvel and much more!

And for those who go wherever they want with their pets, now there are accessories for their little pets! So that they always go together.

Enter our website and discover all the Avengers products that we offer you to make your store a success. At Cerdá, we accompany you and help you grow your business.


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