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Cerdá products

Girls and boys caps. For all ages and tastes!

25 January 2021 / por Cerdá Group

No matter what season it is, the sun will always be there, and there will be customers who need a ...

Cerdá products

Summer shoes for kids. Discover the trends of 2021!

20 January 2021 / por Cerdá Group

2020 was one of the most challenging years for everyone, but more so for children who could not ...

Cerdá products

Summer essential accessories that can't be missing in your store. Discover them!

13 January 2021 / por Cerdá Group

With summer season on the doors, it is better to start preparing your store for you customers by ...

Cerdá products

ACDC, let there be rock. The most rebel products of the year

11 January 2021 / por Cerdá Group

Music enriches the soul, stirs sensations, relives moments and creates new ones. Music is an art ...

Cerdá products

Spiderman, the children's best friend for next summer

17 December 2020 / por Cerdá Group

Spiderman is a fictional character appearing in comic books published by Marvel Comics and ...

Cerdá products

Cerdá: disney bags and handbags manufacturer

10 December 2020 / por Cerdá Group

Bags and Handbags and are always a loved accessory by everyone. Kids and adults love to live with ...

Cerdá products

Magic is more real than ever with our new Harry Potter products. Discover them!

26 November 2020 / por Cerdá Group

It's no secret that Harry Potter is one of the most-watched movie series ever, and J.K. Rowling ...

Cerdá products

Hygienic and reusable face masks with their favorite characters- What are you wainting for?

19 November 2020 / por Cerdá Group

With Covid-19 not going anywhere yet, getting the best face masks is still a priority for many ...

Cerdá products Pets products

For Fan Pets. Our new pets’ collection of accessories with their favorite characters

12 November 2020 / por Cerdá Group

It will not be surprising if we say that in recent years the number of households that have ...

Cerdá products

Coming soon! New summer 2021 collection is arriving to cerdá

13 October 2020 / por Cerdá Group

Summer is the season of outdoor fun for children. They can enjoy sports, beach parties, family ...