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The 7 Christmas gifts that your customers will fall in love with

28 November 2022 / per Cerdá Group

Christmas is just around the corner. It seems that, timidly compared to previous years, the cold weather is finally starting to make its way into our daily lives. The Christmas lights are already hanging, albeit switched off, in our streets and the little ones in every house are starting to count down the days until the arrival of the Three Wise Men and to receive their long-awaited Christmas gifts.

So it is the perfect time for all businesses to start preparing our shop windows and our stocks to be able to face the long-awaited Christmas campaign, which this year is undoubtedly going to be very successful and well received by customers.

From Cerdá, as it could not be otherwise, we are eager to help you achieve your goals, so we have already prepared our Christmas catalogue so that you can surprise young and old with the best, most fun and original products of the season.

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Are you ready to give your customers everything they are looking for this Christmas?

Here we explain which are the must-haves that you can't miss in your business!


1. Pyjamas, an infallible classic

Pyjamas are one of the quintessential Christmas gifts. Grandmothers, especially, love to be able to treat their loved ones to something practical and comfortable to make cold winter nights that much cosier. And, why deny it, we all love to receive a warm, soft and cosy Christmas present to go to bed with every night. So you can't forget to include in your stock a great selection of pyjamas, in different sizes, sizes, colours, for girls and boys and for big and small.

In addition, all our pyjamas come with the image of the favourite characters of the moment and, as there are different colours for different tastes, each person chooses their character according to their bond and feeling towards it.

Batman pyjamas, Peppa Pig, Minnie and Mickey Mouse, Frozen, Jurassic Park, Star Wars, Garfield, Disney Princesses, Harry Potter, the Mandalorian... Whatever character your customers are looking for, they should be able to find it in your shop.

And, of course, all of them are made with top quality materials, in 100% cotton, and with the utmost delicacy and perfection. Go for the funny pyjamas!


2. Slippers

Winter is a time when, due to the weather, we spend many hours at home. So another of the mythical gifts that are part of the Christmas campaign, are the slippers to be at home.

Again, in our catalogue you can find as many models as sizes you need. And, of course, with the most satisfactory appropriate decorations for babies, children, teenagers and adults.

Remember that it is important that your customers can compare the different models so that they don't need to go elsewhere to buy the one they are looking for, so don't do without open house slippers, closed boots with velcro, French slippers, ballerinas, full boots, even slippers with 3D images!

We offer many original licenses: Frozen, Peppa Pig, Disney Princesses, Canine Patrol, Spiderman, Snoopy, Stitch...


3.Backpacks to start the new year with joy!

What's more fascinating than being a kid and going back to school after Epiphany with a cool new backpack? Well, almost nothing!

So join the excitement of parents to see those tender smiles of their children to see what will be his traveling companion for the rest of the school year. Backpacks are the perfect accessory to help little ones feel more comfortable, safe and even older!


In our selection of wholesale school supplies, you will find all kinds of backpacks. For the youngest, nursery and first grades, small backpacks so that children can go comfortably and carry with them everything they need for their day. In addition, you can offer them novelties such as stuffed backpacks, backpacks with lights, 3D backpacks or backpacks with harnesses, so that parents with lively children can keep them well controlled and away from dangers.

Peppa Pig, Canine Patrol, Spiderman, Toy Story, Disney Princesses, Batman, Frozen... You have plenty to choose from!

But you can not only offer backpacks as Christmas gifts to the little ones, but also to youngsters, teenagers and adults.

Backpacks with wheels, shiny, with lights, sequins, fur, for trekking, leatherette, to carry your laptop... in all sizes.

And with exclusive and sophisticated designs of characters such as Batman, Harry Potter, Jurassic Park, LOL, Minnie and Mickey Mouse, Marvel, Sonic, ACDC, Avengers, The Mandalorian...

Add them to your shelves and increase your profits!

4.Caps, gloves and scarves

Life goes on in winter and even if it's very cold, you have to go out and enjoy the beauty of life. Children play, jump, laugh and are not aware that, being underdressed, they can get sick, so hats, gloves and scarves are essential accessories that cannot be missing in your business during the Christmas campaign


And if, on top of that, they are their favourite characters, success is guaranteed! So at Cerdá we offer you the opportunity to improve customer satisfaction, build customer loyalty and attract many new ones by using these fun and warm accessories as an eye-catcher in your shop window.

You can't miss Harry Potter hats, gloves and scarves, which are available in all the houses (Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw y Slytherin), Avengers, Batman, Lightyear, Frozen II, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, the Canine Patrol or Spiderman.

They are also the perfect addition to a perfect gift and, for your business, the ideal opportunity to cross-sell and increase your profits!

5.School supplies

School supplies are essential throughout the school or work year and at Cerdá, as distributors of wholesale school supplies, we have a wide range that you can offer your customers.


For everyday use any pen, paper or pencil will do, but when we want a special one, different, work and with details, Christmas is the perfect time to get it.

Cases, folders, erasers, folders, sheets with character decorations, pens, erasers, rulers, paper clips, sticky notes... And all of them with the image of the most fashionable characters of the moment, with unique and original designs, fun as, for example, the Harry Potter pen in the shape of a magic wand or with the characters of Minnie, Mickey, Stitch clips...

Once again, school supplies are the perfect way to complete a gift, so cross-selling is once again the main protagonist with these accessories.

6.Dogs are part of the family too!

Families in our country are made up of new members. Furry, four-legged and eager to give and receive unconditional cuddles from their humans.

They brighten up our lives, share them with us and become full members of the family to which they belong. In addition, more and more animal lovers are investing their savings in making their lives easier and more comfortable, so under no circumstances should you forget to include in your stock, as Christmas gifts, different options for our pets. It is, without a doubt, a product that will guarantee you success and an increase in sales and profits.


So enter our catalogue and choose from all the options we offer you: quilted coats in different sizes, formats and colours for dogs, T-shirts, hooded coats, mackintoshes, pyjamas, sweatshirts, food bowls, water bowls, toys for dogs and cats, leads, collars, beds, blankets...

And, of course, so that humans can feel that their pets are in tune with their tastes, they also carry the image of the most fashionable characters, such as Wonder Woman, Superman, Star Wars, Darth Vader, Captain America, Marvel, Minnie and Mickey Mouse, The Mandalorian, Looney Tunes, Deadpool, the Disney Villains...

7.Beauty set

Last but not least, another must-have for this Christmas campaign in your business are the beauty sets, vanity cases and hair accessories.

They are the ideal way to increase your sales, profits and profits and, in addition, they take up little space in your warehouse, so you can buy different models. They are also timeless, so you can have them as 'fixed' products in your stock throughout the year, regardless of the season.


Offer your customers different formats of beauty sets with vanity cases, make-up brushes, hair clips, elastics, headbands, headbands, brushes, combs, face towels and, of course, favourite characters such as Frozen, Minnie, Mickey, Stitch, the Disney Princesses, the Little Mermaid, Peppa Pig, Harry Potter...

Although throughout this post we have wanted, from Cerdá, to advise you on what are the essential Christmas gifts in your stock, in our catalogue you can discover many other options that will allow you to increase the satisfaction of your customers.

Christmas is a magical, fun and very familiar time, in which good feelings emerge and grow stronger and the desire to give those we love the most with gifts that make them smile is very big, so join the Christmas spirit, prepare your business for success and get perfect sales that will remain in the memory of your customers. 

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